September 24, 2022
Flamengo is the most "European" team in South America

Flamengo is the most “European” team in South America

The America’s Cuba Libertadores He didn’t have such a face Champions League…at least for the flamingo.

The team from Rio de Janeiro, who host Velez Sarsfield (Argentina), to confirm the classification for their third decision of the tournament in the past four seasons, have a team that has been formed into the old continent’s elite.

At least 13 of the players who make up the group led by Dorival Junior have some experience throughout their careers in the first division of one of the seven major national leagues in Europe (English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Dutch, and Portuguese as measured by UEFA).

Full of money and the biggest payroll to a club outside football Flamengo can now count on players like Chilean midfielder Arturo Vidal, who has spent 15 years at teams the size of Juventus, Bayern MunichBarcelona and Inter Milan.

It is true that not all athletes who have crossed the Atlantic have done well there. Pedro, one of the highlights of the team this year, has been on the field only four times with Fiorentina. And the Gabigolhis attacking partner, drowned at Inter Milan as well as at Benfica.

However, it is undeniable that Flamengo have a team that has far more experience in the first division of European football than the other teams that maintain them today in the elite class in South America.

Among the teams that also reached the semi-finals in Editorsthe closest to him is Velez, his opponent today, who has five players who have passed major tournaments there. Palm trees And the Atlético PR Three athletes each have this tread.

In this regard, the other giants of the continent also did not reach the level of the 2019 Libertadores champion and vice-champion of last season.

a Boca JuniorsFor example, he has nine names on the team who have played in the European elite, and River Plate, five. Here in Brazil Atletico MG Up close, with 12 players experienced in the ancient continent, and Corinthians nine.

After the first half with less than expected results, Flamengo got back on track with the replacement of Portuguese coach Paulo Sousa with Doraval Junior. The Red-Black team has played 16 unbeaten matches (13 wins and two draws) and has the potential to win three titles this season.

In Libertadores, thanks to a 4-0 win over Velez last week, in Argentina, the team will not make the decision if they are defeated tonight by at least five goals – if the drawback is four, the place will be in the final. Sanctions decided.

The Fla team also had the ranking launched in the Copa del Rey match, where they beat Sao Paulo 3-1, in Morumbi, in the first leg of the semi-finals. The second match is scheduled for next Wednesday.

The only competition in which the club does not rely solely on its results is the Campeonato Brasileiro. With 44 points, he is second and has 13 more rounds to take the seven points that separate him from Palmeiras. On Sunday, the confrontation with Goiás.

“Europeans” flamingo

Diego Alves: 176 games for Valencia (Spain) and 125 games for Almeria (Spain)
Pablo: 113 matches for Bordeaux (France)
David Louis: 248 games for Chelsea (England), 130 with Benfica (Bur), 89 for Paris Saint-Germain (France) and 73 for Arsenal (England).
Philip Lewis: 333 games for Atlético Madrid (Spain), 135 games for A Coruna (Spain), 26 games for Chelsea (England).
Guillermo Varela: 11 matches for Manchester United (ING) and 10 matches for Eintracht Frankfurt (ALE)
Eric Polgar: 106 games for Bologna (Italy), 82 games for Fiorentina (Italy).
Thiago Maya: 69 games for the night (France)
Arturo Vidal: 171 matches for Juventus (Italy), 144 matches for Bayer Leverkusen (ALE), 124 matches for Bayern Munich (ALE), 96 matches for Barcelona (Spain), 71 matches for Inter Milan (Italy).
Diego: 132 games for Werder Bremen (ALE), 87 games for Wolfsburg, 62 games for Atlético de Madrid (Spain), 61 games for Porto (Por), 47 games for Juventus (Italy).
Everton Onions: 94 matches for Benfica (Bor)
Bruno Henrique: 17 matches for Wolfsburg (ALE)
Gabigol: 10 matches for Inter Milan (ITA) and 5 matches for Benfica (Por)
Pedro: 4 matches for Fiorentina (Italy).

* Count only the top 7 national leagues in Europe