July 20, 2024

Flamengo lose to Paulistano and see 42 unbeaten basketball games | Noticeable

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Flamengo lose to Paulistano and see 42 unbeaten basketball games |  Noticeable
Flamengo lose to Paulistano and see 42 unbeaten basketball games |  Noticeable

Playing as a finalist, Paulistano put an end to Flamengo’s unbeaten record in 42 games in official basketball competitions. Perfect in the group part and acting fiercely, coach Demetrios Veracic’s side beat Robro Negro 87-81 Thursday night at the Antonio Prado Junior Arena, in Sao Paulo. Flamengo now have six wins and one loss in the NBB 2021/22. Indeed, Paulistano has won three wins in just four matches.

Du Sommer and Yago are co-scorers, with 20 points. On Paulistano’s side, Celebic (16 points) and Coe (13 points) each put in great performances, while Mineiro scored 15 points for Rio, two ahead of Robinson.

Iago faces the triple sign of Polistano – Photo: Helena Petry / CRF

Balanced first room

The match started full of action, and after three minutes in a row, the scoreboard scored 8-7 for the hosts. In the fourth, Iago hit the ball with a treble, making it 10 to 8. Soon, Dar Tucker left Flamengo with a five-point lead – 12 to 8. Paulistano did not take long to respond, and in the fifth, de Sommer tied at 12. So 12.

Robro Negro responded with a basket of Yago and Faverani, but at nine, Celebic turned 21 to 20 in a basket of three. In the end, a foul was made against Tullio da Silva and he converted one of his two free throws, leaving Flamengo close to a partial victory. But Celebek suffered a clock error, scoring the fourth at 26-24 for Polistano.

Robinson has been closely marked by Fusaro – Photo: Helena Petri/CRF

The match continued in the second quarter. Iago scored the first two points of the period, but Paulistano quickly jumped to 33-27. Three minutes later, Kawee scored 39-28. Seconds later, Fuzarro converted two free throws, becoming 41-28. , in the sixth, Yago dropped to 44-37.

On the eighth, the same Eliago hit a three-pointer and reduced the difference to six – 47 to 41. Motivated, Flamengo scored again in the sequence with Robinson, who set the stage result from 47 to 43, which renewed the visitors’ hopes of victory. The second time.

Olivinha tries to sneak in – Photo: Helena Petry / CRF

Anderson opened the scorecard in the third quarter on a three-ball. Soon, Kawi scored for Polistano, who put 10 points ahead – 53 for 43. On four points, Mineiro cut back to 56 for 49 on a three-ball. In the next step, Robinson reduced the difference to five, scoring 56-51, in the sequence, Tullio da Silva reduced the difference to 56-54.

Led by de Sommer, Polistano woke up in the following minutes, jumping to 63-58. With 50 seconds left, Anderson fouled and converted the two free throws, making 66-60. On the next throw, Iago also had a foul that dropped to 66-62. There was still plenty of time for Ruivo to score two goals at the end of the quarter at 68-62.

The match was busy from start to finish – Photo: Helena Petri/CRF

Paulistano has an advantage in the end

Flamengo returned to the last quarter, creating a strong rhythm, and Olivinha hit 3 balls in the first step. Paulistano did not give up, he responded with a basket of Arthur. In the third minute, Robinson suffered a foul and converted two free throws, to reduce the score to 73-70. But Celebek and Arthur returned to leave the host team with a seven-point lead.

Paulistano managed the advantage well, entering the last two minutes, winning 80-74, and in the ninth, De Sommer 82-75, bringing the host team closer to victory. With 33 seconds left, Iago and Olivinha missed two out of three consecutive balls, Polistano tried to win 87-81, putting an end to Flamengo’s long unbeaten record.

Bolistan: Reed, Doria, Fusaro, De Sommer and Anderson. Entered: Celebic, Cauê, Bui, Arthur, and Rafael. Technician: Demetrius Veracic.

flamingo: Iago, Mineiro, Robinson, Olivinha, and Dar Tucker. Entered: Favrani, Leonie, Raphael Rachel, Tulio da Silva and Shadi. Technician: Gustavo de Conte.

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