December 2, 2023

“Flamengo lost everything to Vasco”: the elimination of a press team from the Carioca Championship – Flamengo – Flamengo news and match

Flamengo scored six goals against Vasco on aggregate, but the journalist saw Cruzmaltino as better “in every way”.

After two matches, Flamengo beat Vasco in the semi-finals of the Campeonato Carioca. Robro Negro scored six goals in the clashes and conceded three. Despite the great difference in the number of balls in the goal, there are those who see superiority in the team being excluded from the country. According to journalist Maurício Saraiva, of Grupo Globo, Cruzmaltino was better than Vítor Pereira’s team.

Flamengo lost everything to Vasco on their way back to the semi-finals. Intensity, strength, determination, tactical organization… Where do we look? Vasco was better than Vitor Pereira’s team. In the second half, when Vasco was about to turn the game around, the Portuguese moved three pieces at the same time. Gabigol took out again, was booed in unison, nothing improved with the exchanges and he left feeling that Flamengo had become a stronger Russian Roulette wheel.Saraiva said before adding.

From an early Brazil Cup tournament, Vasco da Gama gave more than he had to give, such as his thirst for ranking searches. However, the player who solved Flamengo came off base“, finished the journalist from Rio Grande do Sul, referring to the boy Mateus França, who suffered the punishment that” decided “the duel.

In two-match stats, Flamengo excelled in ball possession (61% and 53%), finished more times in total duels (33 to 31) and had more shots on goal (16 to 10). ). Despite a below-average performance, as coach Vitor Pereira himself pointed out after last Sunday’s match (19), Maes Queredo managed to advance to the final with “defeat” on aggregate.

After overcoming Vasco, Flamengo will face another opponent in the final: Fluminense. The classic game will take place on the first two weekends of April, Saturday (01) and Sunday (09). Both duels will take place in the Maracanã. Aiming to prepare for the decision, the red and black squad reappeared at the Ninho do Urubu Training Center on Thursday (23rd).