May 31, 2023

Flamengo performance: Leo Pereira is the best in the team, but the defense makes a lot of mistakes in defeat | Flamingo

saints [GOL]: He made some good saves and never made a mistake scoring goals. The negative is the early situation which created problems and needs more training. Note 5.0.

Flamengo 2 x 3 Botafogo – Best moments – Matchday 3 of Brazil 2023

Fabricio Bruno [ZAG]: He was among those who missed the third goal, which damaged a good performance until the second half. Note 5.0.

Leo Pereira celebrates Flamengo’s goal against Botafogo – Photo: Andre Durao

David Louis [ZAG]: He didn’t play well. He failed to mark and missed passes when trying to help the ball out. Note 4.0.

Leo Pereira [ZAG]: He was the best in defence, one of the commendable few in midfield. He also attacked as top scorer and scored the two goals that kept the team alive in the classics. Note 7.0.

Wesley [ALD]: He did not repeat the good performance of the previous matches. Discreet in attack. He committed the penalty that initiated the opponent’s victory. Note 4.0.

Flamengo x Botafogo: Jorge Sampaoli at the Maracana – Photo: André Durao

Vidal [VOL]: He became the most creative player in midfield in Gerson’s absence and hasn’t matched. The defense lacked reaction. Note 4.5.

Thiago Maya [VOL]: More present in labeling. It helped a bit when the team needed to be more offensive. Note 5.0.

Ayrton Lucas [VOL]: He played impromptu as a midfielder and was not comfortable. It wasn’t his fault for the performance that he let go in the first half. Note 5.0.

Everton Cipolineha [ALE]: Another uninspired game from Striker. Little hero in the attack. He just made a really dangerous move in the second half. Note 4.5.

Gabigol [ATA]: I searched the game a lot. He was one of the most active players in the Red and Black attack. It wasn’t decisive, he missed two goals, but he presented and created chances. Note 5.5.

Pedro [ATA]: There was a clear opportunity that required great defense from Perry. It was less participation, but the team’s performance didn’t help. Note 5.0.


Everton Ribeiro [MEI]: He entered the second half and influenced the best moment of the season Flamingo in match. It showed that Sampaoli had made a mistake by not shooting him as a starter. Note 6.5.

Navy [ATA]: He got in to give the gas to the right end, but the performance cleared. Note 5.0.

Bruno Henrique [ATA]: no note

Matthews France [MEI]: no note

Victor Hugo [VOL]: no note

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