December 5, 2022
"Flamingo hurt even after the title";  CBF 'ready' at CRF, D. Luiz, Gabigol and company furious after Brazil Cup win

“Flamingo hurt even after the title”; CBF ‘ready’ at CRF, D. Luiz, Gabigol and company furious after Brazil Cup win


The Red Blacks were uncomfortable with a situation right after the national title

- David Louis
© Photo: Ettore Chiereguini / AGIF– David Louis

a flamingo He has a further relationship with the Brazilian Football Confederation. There have already been disagreements between the parties, rebellions on every side, and there are talks only when things are necessary. Flamengo fans have already pressed the switch that the team is constantly getting hurt in matches, especially when matches are important.

The complaint is not new, but it has become more and more tense over the past few months. In the Brazil Cup final, for example, Corinthians complained a lot in the first match, without even being right by most experts, and there was pressure from Sao Paulo that bothered Flamengo a lot internally. In the decisive duel at the Maracana, the judging was also questioned.

Even after winning the Copa do Brasil title, there was a lot of resentment on the part of the players, especially the leaders, such as David Luiz, Gabigol, Diego and the company were very angry with Chaos The Brazilian Football Confederation and the Maracana at the time of the awards ceremony. There were many people when the trophy was handed out, including many who wanted to win the trophy. There was no place for athletes only.

journalist kahi mota Some information on Twitter conveyed this indignation: “Well, that’s ridiculous! And the players were upset about the bad Leadership From CBF and Maracanã in post-match. There was a crowd of people in the field at the times designated for those working to be there. This photo is in the middle of the field, and it looks like David and Gabi are in the stands,” he said.

On social media, Flamengo fans were already critical of this situation. The cuffHe, until now, did not comment on why there were so many people in the garden, it seemed as if the field had been invaded. Fans haven’t even seen the traditional Olympic return of the players with the Copa de Brazil.