February 8, 2023
"Flamingo warned that...";  Olympique is trying to break CRF's agreement to buy Ayrton Lucas and Side is choosing where to play in 2023

“Flamingo warned that…”; Olympique is trying to break CRF’s agreement to buy Ayrton Lucas and Side is choosing where to play in 2023


The Flamengo board’s primary goal is to keep important players in the team for 2023

Olympique is trying to finalize CRF's deal to buy Ayrton Lucas
🇧🇷 Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIFOlympique is trying to finalize CRF’s deal to buy Ayrton Lucas

With a focus on clubs World CupHey Flamingo Monitor and seek reinforcements in the market Player maintenance Important for next season. In light of this, the Board of Directors has been working cautiously to continue with a strong business team and competitive for 2023🇧🇷 But, you see, some clubs wantfutility This situation.

a nigger rubro About to be approved for employment Ayrton Lucasto which it belongs Spartak Moscow, from Russia. The team will spend approximately 6.5 million euros 36 million Brazilian reals in the current quote. In light of this, there are only missing details to agree to negotiate, according to information from the journalist See Casagrande.

However, the Marseille Olympics He began to move to try to givehatIn dearest you go through negotiations Ayrton Lucas. But they were informed that there was a deal with FlamingoIn addition to the player’s desire to remain in the team from Rio de Janeiro for the next season. According to the journalist’s information Julio Miguel Neto.

One important factor In order to conduct the negotiations quickly and satisfactorily to both sides, the participation of the side agent, Carlos Litt, I dealt directly with the European team. The businessman even managed to come to an agreement with the Russians, which is much more difficult during negotiations.