May 31, 2023
Flávia appears with a big belly after a role with Paula;  Pictures · TV news

Flávia appears with a big belly after a role with Paula; Pictures · TV news

As the pregnancy progresses, Flavia (Valentina Herzag) will be closer to Pola (Giovanna Antonelli) in The more life, the better!. Globo’s seven-hour soap opera will pass over time and the dancer will appear with a seven-month-old belly. She’ll still be stuck with the vice president of Wolinger-Terrare Cosmetics, though she still doesn’t know the kinship between the two.

The dendoka will almost say that she is Flavia’s mother Backstage scheduled to air on Monday (9)But he’ll change his mind at the last minute. She’ll try to stop Odete (Luciana Paes) from taking the initiative and telling the truth, but instead of opening her mouth and revealing the past, she’d rather put the entrepreneur on the run.

The spoiler will interrupt a meeting between the stepmother and his daughter and, in the face of the big cock, will offend Juca’s wife (Fabio Herford). “This bad woman! Watch out for them! ‘, says Paula. The woman will run away, and the CEO will keep her company. Flavia. You will still find a way to delete the message you left on the dancer’s phone. In the recording, she claimed to be her mother.

Therefore, the young woman will remain in the shadows. However, she will approach her mother during pregnancy. The businesswoman will be so excited about the arrival of her grandson that she will create a nickname for the child on social networks: “Tiger”.

Big belly, hugging Flavia Paula

After time passed, she was a woman William Matthews Solano will star in a commercial for Terrare cosmetics. You’ll join Ingrid (Nina Tomsik) and Vanda (Anna Hikari) to see the outcome of the announcement. “He was a magician! I loved him!” says the dancer, who is seven months pregnant.

However, revealing the truth will shake up the relationship between the two. Flavia Will break the penis with the executiveAnd he won’t even respond to requests child (Vladimir Brechta) For Reconciliation.

Flávia (Valentina Herszage) will star in Terrare's campaign in The More Life, the Better!

Flávia will star in the Terrare campaign

The more life, the better! It’s a TV series writing by Mauro Wilson And it will leave the air in May, when it gives way to face and courageby Claudia Soto. The new plot will approach the world of acrobats and It will star Paola Oliveira, Marcelo Cerrado and Tess Araujo.

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