July 18, 2024

Flávia takes Guilherme and takes revenge on Rose TV News

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Flávia takes Guilherme and takes revenge on Rose TV News
Flávia takes Guilherme and takes revenge on Rose TV News

Having declared herself, Flavia (Valentina Herzag) will be belittled by Guilherme (Mateus Solano) in The more life the better!. The doctor will dump the dancer and claim he loves Rose (Barbara Cullen). Hurt, the young woman will decide to equalize and disable the former model’s interest by giving a speech at the Globo Opera at seven in the morning.

Jukka’s daughter (Fabio Herford) decided They invaded the rich man’s palace and told the truth about his feelings. Pink replied, “I’m here to tell you that the woman in your life is me.”

Shocked by the announcement, the surgeon will drive out the rebels current Monday (27). “We have nothing to do with each other! The woman in my life is A rose. I want to stay with her,” the arrogant will say.

“Your marriage is clearly about to end,” will be released Valentina Herzag character. “You need to leave. I want you away from my wife. Do you understand?” Selena’s heiress (Anna Lucia Tori) will order.

The pole dancer will be without a floor with her outside, and she will cry in the palace bathroom. However, Flavia He will shake grief and decide to take revenge on the doctor. She will boycott the auction of Rose’s dresses, disrupt the mannequin show, and take the stage.

Rose looks at William

Rose and Guilherme at an event

“Flavia! Come here! Don’t be crazy!” Pola (Giovanna Antonelli). But he will ignore the businesswoman, pick up the microphone and ask her to give a speech.

“I would like to say a few words in honor of the doctor William Montero Bragança ”, she will announce. The cardiologist will panic, thinking that the girl will be able to unravel the kisses they will exchange and damage the marriage with the ex-model.

“Dr. Guilherme Montero Bragança. This serious and cold man surprised me. I never believed in love. I never thought that someone could put up with someone for more than 48 hours. But Dr. Guilherme proved me wrong,” she would provoke the young woman .

The more life the better! It premiered at the venue of the Pega Pega re-run (2017). the plot Written by Mauro Wilson, Due to the security protocols Globo has adopted due to the pandemic, it has already been recorded and will be on the air until May next year. The TV series will be replaced by Cara e Coragem, which will go into production in January.

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