February 6, 2023
Fleet blames José de Abreu for the death of his son, who fell from a building in Rio

Fleet blames José de Abreu for the death of his son, who fell from a building in Rio

Federal deputy Alexander Fruta (PROS-SP) was chosen for Compose the transition team from the government Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (The Workers’ Party) in the culture portfolio sparked a split in the artistic community, which largely supported the Workers’ Party in the presidential race, focusing on the clash between parliamentarian and actor Jose de Abreu.

On social media, Abreu, who is a private Lula supporter, said, He blew Fruta’s choice, deeming him unfit for the job, as well as pointing out that the deputy is considered a “joke” in the technical class.🇧🇷 with controversy, The parliamentarian announced his departure from the transitional team and claimed that he was the target of “cowardly and biased attacks”.🇧🇷

Amidst the nonsense, a post by Alexandre Fruta sparked more controversy, after the deputy claimed to have been “cowardly” attacked by Abreu and blamed the famous man for the death of his son, Rodrigo de Abreu, at the age of 21, in 1992, after a fall Young man from a building in Rio de Janeiro.

On Twitter, Alexandre hinted that Renato had committed suicide. The representative said that the actor “did not control his son, who committed suicide,” and stated that Jose would “carry it with him until his death.” With the negative reflections, Fruita deleted the post.

When refuted by the parliamentary representative, José de Abreu denied that his son had committed suicide and indicated that the young man was the victim of an accident, as proved by the police at the time. However, the artist states that the pain he feels is “the same and continuous”, and calls Frutta “degenerate” for blaming him for Renato’s death.

“When I say that the character does not change … By the way, Rodrigo did not commit suicide. It was a sure accident. The pain is the same. Tremendous and continuous. Only a degraded person would blame the father for the death (in any case) of the son … God save you from this Pain Alexander,” the actor posted.

Renato dies after falling from a building

Renato de Abreu died in 1992, at the age of 21, after falling from the window of the building in which he lived in Rio de Janeiro. The young man is the result of an old relationship between José de Abreu and attorney Noiza Sironi. At the time of the accident, the police ruled out the possibility of suicide.

In February, Jose de Abreu He recalled his son’s death in an interview with the program “Julia”, on SIC channel, in Portugal🇧🇷 As he reports, at the time of the tragic accident he was in Manaus, where he was recording a novel “Amazonia” (Reddy Manchetti). It was one morning and he was having breakfast at the hotel, when he was called into the office to answer a call from Nara’s father to report what had happened.

“I was having breakfast at the hotel, when they called me at the counter to answer the landline. Nara’s father said to me, ‘There’s been an incident with Rodrigo.’ I heard from the voice that it was something serious. At that time he said, ‘He died?'” [Ele respondeu]He said, “I fell out of the window.”

Upon learning of the accident, he took a flight from Manaus to Rio de Janeiro and said he slept the whole way because he was being treated. The artist explained that the investigators collected reports from witnesses, such as those of the maid in a building opposite where he lived, as well as Rodrigo’s analyst, who ruled out the possibility of suicide.

“The chief of police heard an eyewitness, a maid from the building opposite saw what happened [Rodrigo] I was doing an analysis… “Surely not the slightest possibility,” his analyst said, “suicide is showing signs.” It was really an accident. The delegate who made the investigation, first, said like this: ‘He who commits suicide, throws himself away. Her son fell and crashed into the building. Fall is different.”

Jose de Abreu, who is the father of four other children, Pia, Theo, Ana and Cristiano, said he has not yet recovered from the pain of losing Renato. “It’s an endless pain. Life is reversed,” he added.

Fleet is in the transition team

Vice-President-elect Geraldo Alcmene (PSB) announced last week the name of Alexander Frutta to form the Culture District in the transition of the administration of the defeated president. Jair Bolsonaro (PL) for Lula’s future government.

In addition to Fruta, deputies Marcelo Calero (PSD), Tulio Gadela (Redi), Benedetta da Silva (PT) and Jandira Feghali (PCdoB) were announced in the cultural field.

However, immediately after the team’s vice announcement, the selection section left on social media, with numerous criticisms, mostly from the artists, which culminated in Frutta asking him to leave the transfer.

A former actor of soap operas on TV Globo and in adult entertainment, Alexandre Fruta began to get involved in politics during demonstrations in defense of the impeachment of former President Dilma Rousseff.

In 2018, he was elected federal deputy of Hizb ut-Tahrir, at the time a staunch supporter of Bolsonaro. behind, He became an opponent of the incumbent president, switched parties, and in the 2022 election supported the candidacy of the victorious Labor Party.