February 2, 2023
Fluminense beats Oriente Petrolero in his South American debut

Fluminense beats Oriente Petrolero in his South American debut

a Fluminense for the first time in Cuba Sudamericana victoriously. in a lullaby Open Karioca ChampionshipHeld last Saturday, the Tricolor team defeated Tonight (6), the Bolivia Oriente Petrolero 3-0. The positive result came with goals from Chris Silva, Arias and Zazbe, who scored against him.

As a result, Larangeras leads Group H with three points, as Junior Barranquilla of Colombia and Union Santa Fe of Argentina will draw 1-1.

The tricolor team faces Junior Barranquilla in the next round. Influenza feud over Sudamericana after her elimination in the third preliminary round of Editorsin a duel with Olympia, from Paraguay.

Coach Abel Braga’s men will return to the field on Saturday (9), against Santos, in the Maracana, at the start of the match in Brazilian Championship.

Who did well – goose

Appearing in the Carioca final, Gansu played well and actively participated in plays that ended with goals by Cris Silva and Arias.

Celebrate, Chris Silva!

The left-back scored the first goal in a Fluminense jersey. Reinforcements for the season The player was subjected to some criticism from the fans and the negotiations were in dispute, but as he said UOL EsporteAnd the In the process of readjustment After four seasons in Sheriff, from Moldova, the surname Carioca is believed to help in this period.

flu performance

Fluminense maintained a 3-5-2 formation, with a central midfielder and attacking duo, as was the case at the Carioca Finals. The team had more ball, but until the middle of the first half, it was difficult to find spaces in the opposing team. However, little by little, he found himself, created opportunities and quickly changed the outcome “with a double dose”.

The team came back in the second half with the same structure, but little by little with the substitutions, the three colors took a fresh breath and kept their good rhythm.

Oriente Petrolero’s performance

With a determined formation, somewhat, at 4-5-1, Oriente Petrolero sought to fill in the midfield and squeeze the ball out of the flu. The strategy worked for a while, but gradually became less effective. Even the Bolivian team had good attacks, but when they did not make mistakes, they remained in their defense.

The team, even at the back on the scoreboard, managed to manage some good intrigue, with an interesting exchange of passes, but without much effectiveness.


The match started with Oriente Petrolero pressing the ball outside Fluminense and giving the opponent some work. However, the tricolor team gradually passed and had a greater presence in the attacking area.

Despite wandering around the Bolivian team’s territory, Tricolor could not find spaces and create clear opportunities. Kano even hit the net, but the submission was made after the referee pointed out the irregular position.

The first is unforgettable

Fluminense opened the scoring in a match that passed through midfielder Gansu and reached midfielder Iago Felipe, who risked from outside the area and Quinonez responded. Chris Silva took the opportunity and sent it into the net. His first goal was in the Tricolor game.


After the goal, Abel Braga’s team maintained the pace and managed to expand the lead with Arias. Goose, in front of the area, pushed Samuel Xavier, who passed quickly. Activate the right-back Arias, who hit a cross and scored the second goal for the Rio de Janeiro team.

there and here

The return of the separator was busy. The three colors pressed in the first few minutes, and a little Gansu was unable to achieve the team’s third goal. Oriente Petrolero, in turn, benefited from a nap of the defensive system of the flu, and in a good move, Carlos Roque stopped at Fabio. Soon, after the ball passed from one foot to the other, Iago hit it and sent it down the post.

the fear

The match went through a difficult moment. After arriving in the area, Samuel Xavier collided with goalkeeper Quiñónez and the two fell on the grass and had to receive medical attention.

Changes take effect

Coaches Abel Braga and Erwin Sanchez began making substitutions, and on the tricolor side, Luis Henrique and Willian Begood entered. Right on the first move, Luiz Henrique Cano, who sent in a cross, fired a header that made Bigod Quiñones run. Soon, jersey 17 crossed into the area and Zazbee, when he tried to cut, went against her.

try to answer

Minutes after making a response, Zazbee stepped forward to attack and kicked hard from far away. Fabio made the defense in half.

Almost a nice goal

In the last game of the match, Luis Henrique received and advanced, bypassing two opponents and hitting, but was sent over the goal.

He’s a hero

At the final whistle, the fans shouted “He’s the hero” and celebrated the victory with the players.

data sheet:

Fluminance 3 x 0 Oriente Petrolero
competitionSudamericana Cup – First round of Group H
place: Maracana in Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
day: March 6, 2022, Wednesday
time: 19:15 (Brazilian time)
Rule: Jose Argot (Venezuela)
helpersCarlos Lopez (Venezuela) and Lupine Torrealba (Venezuela)
yellow cards: Samuel Xavier, André (FLU); Market, Cairo (ORI)
red cards:-
Objectives: Cris Silva, from Fluminense, at 31 ft/1ºT; Arias, of Fluminense, at 39min/1ºT; Zaspi, from Oriente Petrolero (against), at 27 d / 2

fluorescence: Fabio. David Duarte, Manuel (Lucas Claro), and David Brazz; Samuel Xavier, Andre (Wellington), Gansu, Iago Philippe, and Chris Silva; Arias and Kano (Unique). Technical: Abel Braga

east oil: Quinonez, Cair, Sebastian Alvarez, Zuzbe and Carlos Roca (Marcelo Suarez); Mercado, Daniel Rojas (Freddy Roca), Guaicochea (Miguel Rios), Ribera (Hector Sanchez) and Dorigo; Facundo Suarez (Ricardo Sandoval). Technical: Erwin Sanchez