June 5, 2023

Fluminense may face an “important problem” in the starting line-up for the match against Flamengo – Flamengo – News and Flamengo

John rias will have three days to see if he will be available for Fernando Diniz

Flamengo is fully focused on the search for the Carioca Championship title. This Saturday (01), he faces Mais Querido FluminenseIt’s 20:30 (Brasilian time) in the Maracanã. In the first game of state decision, opposition coach Fernando Diniz may have a big problem in the game against Robro Negro. This is the lineup of Jon Arias.

Called up to the Colombian national team, the Tricolor midfielder participated in two friendlies with the team, which were played against Bolivia and Japan. The last aforementioned match was held on Tuesday (28), on the opponent’s ground in Asia. Due to the wear and tear of the trip and the time difference, Fernando Diniz fears that John Árias will not recover in time to face Flamengo.

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Against Japan, John Urias started the match in the starting line-up and was actively involved in creating Colombia’s moves. The midfielder left in the 29th minute of the second half, however, the fluAnd finally think. On the Flamengo side, Viter Pereira returned to Arturo Vidal, who was in the service of the Chilean national team. In addition to the defensive midfielder, the coach hopes to have at his disposal two key players in the attacking system of Mais Querido: Gabigol and Arrascaeta.

Staying out of training with the Flamengo team throughout the week, the number 10 player carried out activities on the field last Tuesday (28). Gabigol was going through a “muscle rebalancing” process, which acts as a kind of prevention against potential injuries. On the other hand, Arascaita remains under the supervision of the club’s medical department, due to pain in the adductor muscle in his left leg.

Until the final, Vitor Pereira and Fernando Diniz will each have three more activities to adjust and align the teams to make the decision. On Saturday (01) Flamingo and Fluminense Facing each other in the first leg of the Carioca Final. Coluna do Fla presents the internet’s most red and black broadcast, with the voice of “angry” Rafa Penido via DaleApp. Band (open channel) and BandSports (closed TV) also feature fencing.