February 6, 2023

Fluminense’s board of directors left most of the “response” to Fina and the businessman. You understand

Photo: Felipe Santos/Ceará SC

Endless novel. A flood of news of interest Fluminense Vinicius, better known as Vena, from Ciara, stormed the sports media this week. With different information emerging all the time, for all sides, one situation is certain: The athlete doesn’t want to leave Team Northeast through the back door, but he needs to get an amicable exit from his current club.

the netflu It was found that the Fluminense board had left much of the responsibility for the layoff to the staff and the midfielder himself. The tricolor captains have no plans to buy the 31-year-old midfielder, paying only from his salary. Therefore, many dialogues have taken place since the first contact with the football department of the club orange trees.

Vina wants to return to Tricolor, but she doesn’t want to alienate the foundation that owns the rights to it. As of 4:30 pm on Wednesday (11), according to journalist and YouTuber Gabriel Amaral, of the Raiz Tricolor channel, there has been no contact between Fluminense and Ceará, the player’s rights holder.

In Laranjeras, by the way, the outcome of the negotiations is still uncertain, but the technical committee, led by Fernando Diniz, understands that the midfielder is the perfect name to replace him. Nathanwho preferred not to continue with the tricolor.

It is worth noting that the midfielder actually defended the tricolor that translates traditions in 2015. After behavioral problems, including his relationship with Mario BettencourtNo supporter left. At Ceará, he has been the protagonist since 2020, but with the team relegated last year, his salary has become a challenge, receiving more than R$500,000.