June 4, 2023

Fluminense’s performance: Marcelo starts well, and Kano shines in the win over Sporting Cristal | Fluminense

Fabio [GOL]: There wasn’t much action in the first half, with Sporting Cristal’s lack of attack. It wasn’t his fault in the opposite goal. In the second half, he made good defenses when the Peruvian team tried to equalise. Note: 6.0.

Samuel Xavier [LAT]: He was a regular performer, backing up Arias on the right side. He did not concede in defense and contributed to the rise to attack. Note: 6.0.

Nino [ZAG]: Team captain, he performed safe in the match. With Sporting Cristal’s goal being fouled off Felipe Melo, it wasn’t his play-by-play fault. Note: 6.0.

Sporting Cristal 1 x 3 Fluminense | best moments | CONMEBOL Libertadores 2023

Felipe Melo [ZAG]: He started the impromptu game at the back, replacing David Prause, and tried to be involved in the starting lineup, showing his willingness. But he lost the ball to Eutin, who scored the goal of Sporting Cristal. Due to receiving a yellow card in the first half and with the heat of the match, he was replaced in the first half by Vitor Mendes. Note: 4.5.

Marcelo [LAT]: He returned to the field Fluminense After 17 years and starting very well, being participatory and mission to victory. In the first half, he counterattacked early in the game and risked a shot in sequence. When the team lost 1-0, he drilled the corner that led to the first goal. In the second half, Arias gave a great pass to help Kanu in the area. Lima left the field to enter the 18th minute. Note: 7.0.

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Andrey [VOL]: Again an essential part of the tri-colour midfield. Assist in defense and exits. Another game in which he supported the team. Note: 6.0.

Alexander [VOL]: He started the game as a helmsman rather than an offhand on the left side. He provided offensive volume in the first and was involved in the attack. He gave a good pass to Keno in an attempt, and Kanu missed the goal. And in the second stage, with the departure of Marcelo, he moved to the side and maintained a good regularity. Note: 6.0.

goose [MEI]: Things went well in the first half, as she was involved and looking to build moves. It wasn’t decisive this time, but it showed the quality. He left in the second half to enter Thiago Santos. Note: 6.0.

Kanu and Arias celebrate a goal at Sporting Cristal x Fluminense – Photo: Sebastian Castaneda/Reuters

arias [MEI]: Once again drive the team. Tireless, very involved, in both the first and second half. He was responsible for taking the corner kick in Kanu’s first goal and provided an assist for the Argentine to score the second. He also took a corner kick against Vitor Mendes. Note: 7.5.

Keno [ATA]: He led well into the match, especially in the first half, and created good chances. From a wonderful pass to Kanu in the first half, the Argentine did not take advantage of it. In the second half, he left the game to enter Gabriel Pirani. Note: 6.0.

Kanu celebrates a goal at Sporting Cristal x Fluminense – Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves/Fluminense

pump [ATA]: There was a double “L” in Lima! He started the encounter losing a couple of good chances, but that was the name of the game. He scored two goals and created good chances, especially in the second half. He scored 16 goals in the last nine matches. Note: 8.5.


Victor Mendes [ZAG]: He entered the second half in place of Felipe Melo and became one of the names of the match. It was essential in defence, with tackles and cuts in the area when Sporting Cristal were looking for the match. The tricolor scored the third goal with a header in the area. Note: 7.0.

Vitor Mendes scores with a header for Fluminense – Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves/Fluminense

Thiago Santos [VOL]: He entered the second stage in place of Ganso. He risked a shot from the edge of the area and ended up isolating the ball, but he didn’t concede. Note: 6.0.

gear [VOL]: He entered in the second half instead of Marcelo and was involved and risked a shot in the last half and almost scored, but the ball deflected. Note: 6.0.

Gabriel Perani [MEI]: He entered in the second half instead of Keno and was participatory. He had a chance to score on Kanu’s cross, but was unable to reach it. Note: 6.0.

Layla [ATA]: Came in the second half instead of Kanu, made his debut with Fluminense in the match and nearly made an “L” as well, but was stopped in Solís’ defense. Note: 6.0.

Lille in the first match against Fluminense – Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves/Fluminense

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