December 1, 2023
For CNN, Bolsonaro says the drop in fuel prices will be automatic

For CNN, Bolsonaro says the drop in fuel prices will be automatic

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) said on Sunday (5) that Petrobras will announce a fuel price cut by the end of December, as the value of Brent oil has fallen in the foreign market.

The reduction in fuel prices will be automatic, and is due to be announced in the next few days, by the end of December. Bolsonaro told CNN that the reduction in Petrobras will happen because the value of Brent oil abroad is declining.

Jair Bolsonaro also stated that he would recommend that residents contribute to the government by taking a picture of the value of gasoline when filling up.”

He explained that the consumer should help take a picture of the value of the pump so that we can see if the reduction will pass on to the consumer.”

AGU lawsuit awaits decision at STF

In September, President Jair Bolsonaro and the Attorney General’s Office (AGU) filed an unconstitutional lawsuit with the Federal Supreme Court (STF) against state governors over the value of the ICMS (Commodity and Services Tax) for the fuel. The rapporteur for the case is Secretary Rosa Weber, who has yet to present her position.

The document calls for a deadline for the National Congress to enact a supplementary law dealing with this issue and setting a single value for the ICMS rate charged on fuel. According to the federal government, states are increasing ICMS to earn more money.

In October, the AGU argued again in the STF that Congress failed to set a single ICMS rate on fuel. In a statement sent to the Supreme Court, the AGU asks the STF to establish a “reasonable period” for Congress to set the rate.

According to the AGU, there is a “legislative delay” to resolve this issue. Legislative delay is so evident to justify the action of this Supreme Court that it, in its exercise of the function of regent of the Federal Constitution, recognizes the unconstitutionality by reason of the omission resulting from the failure to enact the supplementary law referred to in Article 155, Paragraph 2, Clause XII, Clause H, of The federal constitution, with setting a reasonable period for the National Congress to overcome legislative delays, explained the AGU.