October 1, 2022
For Fluminense, Fabio returns to São Januaro with his supporters after 18 years: 'The climate was exciting' |  fluminence

For Fluminense, Fabio returns to São Januaro with his supporters after 18 years: ‘The climate was exciting’ | fluminence

a Fluminense They beat Melonarios of Colombia 2-1 on Tuesday night in Sao Janorio (Watch the best moments in the video above)and qualified for the last stage of the Pré-Libertadores. Even without Maracanã, who closed to change the grass, Vasco Stadium was chosen instead of Nilton Santos because of the grass, in the official version, and the “cauldron effect”, according to the club behind the scenes.

Fábio is back in São Januaro with his supporters after 18 years – Photo: Lucas Merçon / Fluminense FC

After the match, coach Abel Braga and the players praised the atmosphere he created, but for one of them it was even more special: Fabio. Former goalkeeper Vasco is back playing a game in Sao Januario with the fans after 18 years. He saw the atmosphere in the stadium as one of the origins of the three-color classification:

– The weather was exciting. An environment like this is basic, with this support that started even before the match, when we got to the stadium. This atmosphere made the stadium come alive, and they (the fans) helped us a lot in achieving our goal which was qualifying. And the team responded on the field with such force that came from the stands – this was stated in an interview with the club’s official website.

Fabio He played 150 matches in Vasco between 2000 and 2004, and in the last game in São Januaro he did not concede: that was in the 3-0 win over Atlético MG on August 19, 2004. The goalkeeper returned to the field at other times defending Cruzeiro , but without controlling the field anymore.

Fabio played most of the 150 matches for Vasco in São Januaro – Photo: Agência o Globo

after classification, Fluminense Those who pass from the match between Olympia, of Paraguay, and Atlético Nacional, of Colombia, wait to see who their opponent will be. Paraguay won at home by 3 to 1 and could lose by a goal difference to advance. The match is on Thursday.

In the next stage, Fluminense He tried, but he still couldn’t play in the Maracana, which would only reopen for the semi-finals of Campeonato Carioca. With that said, the tri-color palette will have to choose São Januario or Nilton Santos again.

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