For people created a mobile application

Для Картки киянина створили мобільний додаток

The developers of the project “Card of Kiev” has created a special mobile application.

This was during a press conference said the project Manager Alina Maksimenko, UKRINFORM reported.

“Project “Card of Kiev” there is almost 8 years, now runs the new tool is a mobile application. Our main mission is awareness Kiev that there’s a new app that will help in a big city,” she said.

Using the app will be contactless to pay the fare or use available benefits appointment with the doctor online, buy drugs at a discount and to pay utility bills, to make the information regarding insurance, to communicate directly with officials and deputies of the constituency.

The app also provides the ability to “anchor” card of a Kyiv citizen card learnedI, so parents can monitor how much the child used the transport and went to school.

In turn, head of the project Ivan Kulik announced in the future the ability to use the app to pay for Parking in the capital.

“We are now in a very fruitful dialogue with the card Issuer, with the Bank on implementation of functions of online ordering maps to Kiev could make it virtual”, – said Kulik.

According to the developers, the app is now available in playmarket.

It is assumed that the full application will operate after the authorization of the owners of “card of Kiev“. For users which do not have such cards, the application will run with limited functionality.


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