July 24, 2024

For the money and the audience, Globo decided to extend BBB 22 and postpone the final

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For the money and the audience, Globo decided to extend BBB 22 and postpone the final
For the money and the audience, Globo decided to extend BBB 22 and postpone the final

Globo decided to extend the period BBB 22. The deadline was set for April 21, a Thursday of the Tiradentes holiday, but the network decided to end the season of its main reality show on April 26, Tuesday night. Commercial issues and the public were critical to this modification.

Globo confirmed the information in a statement. “Big Brother Brasil will gain more airtime. In general, there will be 100 days of BBB 22! The program will run until April 26. In addition to the special – the reunion of season participants – which is already planned and scheduled to air on Thursday April 28″.

With the new term, BBB 22 equals the number of episodes of last year’s release, with 100 days of confinement.

according to the news, a change to the BBB 22 expiration date has already been considered since the end of January. Initially, it will be a modification due to Transfer of Samba Carnival School Parades It has been postponed to April. However, due to the review of São Paulo and Rio on the same day, the exchange was not completed – but the idea of ​​introducing more episodes continued to be discussed.

It was the main factor that led to the increase in financial rings. Big Brother Brasil 22 has already had the highest grossing in the history of the show, which premiered on Globo in 2002. In general, There are expectations to collect 1 billion Brazilian riyals this year, Add sponsorship and marketing work while booking.

Even with some problems caused by not being exposed to Lojas AmericanasDue to a technological problem that the company suffered, BBB 22 gave a huge return to its partners. Everyone celebrates better than expected results After your products are on display.

The audience factor also played a role. In a period when TV series were in bad shape, BBB 22 became the most watched attraction on Brazilian TV, Overcoming the Journal Nacional and the series Oum Lugar or Sol. So far, the average in Sao Paulo is 22.6 points. According to Globo, every night 32 million viewers watch the reality show.

On Globoplay, the reality show directed by Tadeu Schmidt is also the most consumed attraction by subscribers.

With the extension of BBB 22, Globo has also rescheduled the premiere of the new No Limite, which will be presented by former BBB Fernando Fernandes. The attraction will only air on May 3, also on Tuesdays.

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