December 6, 2023

For the sake of your mental health, keep your distance from these three types of people

There are people who, if you want to improve your mental health, you have to keep your distance. This is especially true during the times when you are most vulnerable. See what they are and how to identify them!

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Stay away from people who don’t apologize

People who never apologize can be a huge challenge to live with. They tend to act arrogantly and selfishly without regard to how their actions affect others. That is, they rarely admit that they are wrong and usually blame others for their mistakes.

By keeping our distance from these people, we avoid falling into an endless cycle of toxic behaviors. Also, we avoid the emotional exhaustion that comes with trying to deal with people who don’t take responsibility for their actions.

Emotionally unavailable people

They often have difficulty expressing feelings or connecting emotionally with others. Namely, this can be particularly difficult for someone who is looking for emotional support or support during difficult times.

By staying away from these people, we avoid feeling frustrated and disappointed by their lack of emotional involvement. We can also focus on healthy, more meaningful relationships. In this way, assess whether the person is really showing that they are available.

Keep your distance from interesting people

Finally, people who only pursue their own interests are usually selfish and often act manipulatively to get what they want. This means that they can be difficult to trust and often put their own interests above others, ignoring the needs and desires of others.

By keeping our distance from these people, we can avoid using and manipulating them. Also, we can choose to be around people who value us and consider our needs and desires as important as theirs.