June 4, 2023

Ford closes the sale of the plant in Taupate

Last Friday the 28th, the multinational automaker stronghold For the completion of the sale of the factory in Taubaté, in the interior of São Paulo. The buyer was São José Desenvolvimento Imobiliário, a builder in the area. However, the agreement was already announced a year ago, but for it to be finalized depends on approval Administrative Council for Economic Defense (KED) and other legal procedures.

The Taubaté plant was closed by Ford in January 2021, and according to the automaker, the reason for closing its activities in the city of São Paulo was the accumulation of years of damage. The multinational also stated that the 830,000 square meter property will be used for industrial activities by the Vicunha-CSN Group, which has an agreement with São José.

There are indications that Taubaté’s unit will not be the only one to end its activities. Ford is negotiating with Chinese automaker BYD to sell the plant in Kamakari, VA Bahia. In this unit, the multinational corporation has produced the EcoSport SUV, which is very popular in Brazil. Ford had already sold, three years ago, the factory located in São Bernardo do Campo, in the ABC district of São Paulo, also to São José Disinfolvimento Immobiliario. In this unit, the complex produced trucks.

Ford: Cars manufactured outside Brazil

The Ford EcoSport is one of the most popular Ford models in Brazil. Image | Wikimedia Commons

Currently, Ford vehicles sold in Brazil are imported from other countries in Brazil latin americasuch as Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico. Last year, the company snapped a long streak of losses and returned to profit by selling its vehicles in Latin America.

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