January 29, 2023
Notas de R$ 20, R$ 10 e R$ 50 uma em cima da outra

Forgotten funds from PIS/Pasep amount to R$25 billion; Read how to withdraw

About 10.6 million workers have idle cash; Read who is entitled to resources

There are R$24.6 billion in PIS stakes (Social Integration Program and Pasep (Public Personnel Asset Creation Program) available for withdrawal, looking at The Federal Savings Bank This Thursday (25 August 2022). In total, 10.6 million workers have credit PIS / Pasep.

according to cashierpersons who had an official contract from 1971 to 1988 in a private initiative or public service can withdraw amounts, provided that they have not already carried out this procedure before.

The full withdrawal of PIS / Pasep stakes is available to their respective owners or third parties. In the event of the death of the holder, the withdrawal request can be submitted by the legal beneficiaries. Work is expected in Law No. 13932/2019.

PIS/Pasep Fund stakes come from the period from 1971 to 1988, when companies and public agencies deposited money into the program on behalf of their employees. Since 2019, the fund has been amortized and converted to FGTS (Service Time Guarantee Fund).

How to withdraw

Withdrawal availability query is made through FGTS app.

This is a tutorial:

  1. Open the FGTS application;
  2. Select the message You have a withdrawal available.;
  3. click in “PIS / Pasep Withdrawal Request”;
  4. Choose the form of withdrawal (account or credit face to face);
  5. check your data;
  6. click in “Confirm Withdrawal”.

If the chosen draw is physical, the process can be done up to R$3,000 through social cards, such as the Citizen Lottery Card or Caixa Econômica self-service units.

In the event of a deceased bearer, the beneficiary must follow the following steps:

  1. access to your FGTS application;
  2. select the option “My Withdrawals”;
  3. Click “Other Withdrawals”;
  4. choose the option “PIS / Pasep – Death of the Worker”;
  5. submit the necessary documents;
  6. Confirm the request.

If the worker fits any FGTS withdrawal conditions and has a PIS/Pasep account, the balance of that account will be released with the FGTS.

When in doubt, workers can access the FGTS application or contact:

  • 4004-0104 (Capitals and Urban Areas);
  • 0800104 0104 (other sites).