February 6, 2023
Former BBB brother explains that Rodrigo Mossi is 'more visible'

Former BBB brother explains that Rodrigo Mossi is ‘more visible’

Rodrigo Mossi remains in hospital at Hospital das Clínicas, in São Paulo, and is “increasingly clear”. Diogo Musi, former BBB brothersaid this Wednesday (13) that the Commercial Director has seen a huge development in the past few hours.

Diogo wrote in his book: “Today, Rod has seen a great development. He’s calm, well-understood, and his eyes are increasingly open and clear. Thank you all for the strength, prayers, and positive current. Let’s continue, let’s go Rod!” Posted on Instagram Stories.

Tuesday (12) Doctors Eliminate the need for surgery In a previous BBB column. “Rodrigo will continue with a cervical collar and the surgery does not require the spinal cord, it is not the spine at all. If necessary, the surgery will take place in the future and it will be more about strengthening and strengthening the spine,” said the reinforced Diogo at the appointment.

The Incident with Rodrigo Mossi On March 31, during the early hours of the morning. The app car he was in collided with a truck on the Pinheiros waterfront in São Paulo.

In the CCTV footage, it is possible to see that the truck was traveling at a low speed in the right lane of the road, while the car came faster and, without braking, hit the back of the trailer.

Rodrygo was not wearing a seat belt and was thrown from the car. The driver of the car that was carrying the former BBB was unharmed. The digital influencer has suffered head trauma and has already undergone three surgeries: one on the head and Two more in the leg.

Check the updated medical leaflet: