Former Columbus Police Officer accused of murdering Andre Hill

When he confronts police officers, like Mr. Coy and the murderers of George Floyd and Richard Brooks The charge of premeditated murderPlaintiffs don’t need to prove malice in advance. Prosecutors in Mr Coy’s case presented a grand jury for premeditated murder, but the jury charged him with premeditated murder with felony.

Mr. Coy’s attorney, Mark Collins, said he had expected an indictment for “the minimum probable cause,” but that the specific charges were surprising. He said the evidence would show that Mr. Coy was justified in his use of force and that the former officer believed that Mr. Hill had a silver pistol in his hand.

“Police officers have to make these decisions in fractions of a second, and they could be wrong,” said Collins, who said Mr. Hill was actually carrying a key chain. “If they are wrong, so long as there is an honest belief that the error is reasonable, the action is justified.”

Mr. Coy will appear at a bail hearing on Thursday. Submit a written statement to the grand jury and a two-hour interview with the prosecutor’s office for criminal investigations.

Body camera footage during the shooting shows Mr Coy and another officer responding to a call about a suspicious SUV parked in a residential area. When they approach a garage and flash a flashlight inside, Mr. Hill walks slowly towards them with what appears to be a cell phone. Within seconds, Mr. Coy fired a shot and Mr. Hill fell to the ground.

Once the shooting is almost over, the sound starts. Mr. Coy can be heard telling Mr. Hill to put his hands next to him and roll on his stomach. The wounded man groans as Mister Coy patted him, saying, “Dude, don’t move.”

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Based on body camera footage, it is unclear how long the officers waited before providing first aid, but some officers were seen attending Mr. Hill about six minutes after he was shot.

No weapons were found at the scene.

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