March 31, 2023
Former referees analyze Scarpa's expulsion

Former referees analyze Scarpa’s expulsion

The Dramatic classification of Palmeiras to the semi-finals of the Libertadoresin a duel against Atletico MG Which ended in penalties after a goalless draw in normal time, was marked by the expulsion of two players from the Sao Paulo team.

Still in the first half, Danilo received a red card after a difficult and solitary intervention on Zaracho – Wilmar Roldan, the Colombian referee of the fencing held at Allianz Barco, gave the yellow card to the palm, but changed his decision after analyzing in the match. VAR booth.

The offer was little objected to among Palmeiras’ players, with even the midfielder himself apologizing to the opponent as soon as he made the foul.

But in the 36th minute of the second stage, Gustavo Scarpa left the field early. Palm, after a clash with Gayer still in midfield, hit Alan’s heel when he tried to hit the ball. Roldán applied red directly to the midfielder.

As for former referee Guilherme Cerreta, the Colombian acted correctly when he sent off Scarpa. He explained that the player gained an advantage after calling Jair, and using it recklessly hit his opponent.

He said in an interview with UOL Esporte.

Emídio Marques de Mesquita, famous in the whistle world between the 1970s and 1980s, confirmed the decision made on the pitch.

“Offer for a red card, yes. The referee was right on the three expulsions,” he said, also referring to the red given to Vitor Castanheira’s assistant at the end of the match – the Portuguese revolted from Palmeiras with Roldan and invaded the pitch at the end of the 90 minutes.

During the “ESPN” broadcast, Carlos Eugenio Simon agreed to the expulsion, but noted Wilmar Roldan was late to the show. It took the referee too long to blow the whistle. Scarpa kicks the ball and leaves his foot on the ankle. The error happened. It takes too long to blow the whistle. Scarpa goes to step in and kicks the ball. Then he leaves his foot and hits the ankle for the tough tough match, Scarpa was sent off well, and also in the face Judgment’.

Abel Ferreira criticizes Scarpa’s expulsion

Coach Abel Ferreira analyzed the two packages in his post-match press conference. The Portuguese said he accepted Danilo’s red card, but complained about an unremarkable foul in favor of Palmeiras before the move that led to Gustavo Scarpa’s dismissal.

“The first expulsion is fair, I know Danilo, I know he is not aggressive and mean, but he is fair. And the second, if we look at the beginning of what happened, there is a mistake before, I even thought that after the whistle I could not say goodbye, but I was wrong. Scarpa does just what he does Because he’s got pulling power. But the referee sends him off, like when the match ended the way it did. He was so upset. We have to be competent in what we’re doing. He kicked him out and left the organization to hit and it’s over. I told the fourth official. It just confused him. But That’s all I have to say.”