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Fortaleza defeats Alianza Lima in Peru and is still alive in the Libertadores; Watch the goals – play

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Fortaleza defeats Alianza Lima in Peru and is still alive in the Libertadores;  Watch the goals - play
Fortaleza defeats Alianza Lima in Peru and is still alive in the Libertadores;  Watch the goals - play

Fortaleza scored a very important victory on her way to the Libertadores. Tricolor de Aço beat Alianza Lima 2-0, at Monumental de Lima, Peru, in the fifth round of the competition and is still alive in the fight for a place in the second stage. Moises scored the goals of Liao in the first half and Pikachu in the final stage.

The result was doubly historic for Liao. In addition to the first goals scored abroad in the Libertadores, this was the first win for a team from Ceará and Leonine away from home in the competition.

Watch the goals of the lion


With this very important victory, Liao reached 7 points and put pressure on Colo Colo. Liao tied on points with the Chilean national team, and decided with him in the last round, in Santiago, on the 25th. The match will be at 7 pm to be played behind closed doors. After the punishment of Alfinegro from Chile.

To reach the equalizer advantage in Chile, Liao needs River Plate to beat Colo Colo with two goals on Thursday (19), at 9pm at the Monumental de Nunez. Thus, Liao will have a better goal difference than the Chilean team.

the game

The match started well, and Alianza Lima tried to press, but to no avail. Fortaleza was the first to create a great opportunity. In the 4th minute, Crispem took a corner kick, Benvenuto headed his head and goalkeeper Campos saved with the palm of his hand.

The lion became dangerous again in Moses’ escape, but sent him over a dash.

Fortaleza continued better, as Tinga crossed low and Moises hit the defense, in the 11th minute.

Already better in the match, Liao opened the scoring in the 17th minute. Pikachu started playing in the midfield, finding Moises, who scored a low goal to score the first Fortaleza.

The Lion made the score 1-0 in the first half with a goal by Moises

take photo:
Felipe Cruz / Fortaleza EC

Very satisfied in the match, and Liao almost extended it in the 20th minute, with a strong kick from Moises from outside the area, which the goalkeeper saved.

Alianza Lima’s first chance came only in the 22nd minute with a header from Ramos over the goal.

In the last stretch of the first half, Alianza Lima was more with the ball and pressed Fortaleza at the base of the passes in the area. Two attempts by the Peruvian team were dangerous, with a header from Barcos that passed everyone and went out, and another header for Benitez, who ignored the post.

And at the last opportunity in the first half, in the 44th minute, Benitez sent the ball over the goal, after a defensive mistake by Leonini.


The final phase began with the home team putting pressure on Fortaleza. 3 minutes later, Aguirre gave a head assist, and Barcos sent the shot.

After receiving pressure, Fortaleza responded with an impressive move quickly with Moisés. He turned the match in favor of Pikachu, who finished it off the crossbar in the eighth minute.

With space on the counter-attacks, Leão missed another opportunity, after Tinga stole the ball and left it to Kaiser, but hit poorly for the goalkeeper’s defense, in the 11th minute.

Alianza responded with a surrender from Lavandera a minute later.

In the final stage of the match, Liao maintained the pressure of Alianza Lima and decided the match

take photo:
Felipe Cruz / Fortaleza EC

The match remained dangerous due to the low score and the Liao coach changed the attack with the entry of Romarinho and Robson. They shared good chances for Leão, as Robson almost finished off a cross from Hercules, and Romarinho headed wide.

The host team responded in the 29th minute, with a presentation from Lavandera, who was saved by Marcelo Bok, who saved Liao.

With plenty of room to attack, Tricolor de Aço saw the home team become disorganized with a very offensive lineup after a change of coach.

The lion took advantage. The team built a great movement and scored the second goal, in the 34th minute, defining the victory: in an elaborate movement, Lucas found Lima Pikachu, who hit the net.

In the final minutes of the match, Fortaleza got a chance to score the third goal, but Robson missed a stunning goal in injury time. The goal was not missed, as Leão took a redemptive victory, and continued alive to dream of an eighth finals.

Alianza Lima 0x2 Fortaleza | How was the real time


Follow the best moments of the game

art paper | Alianza Lima vs Fortaleza

Copa Libertadores – Fifth round
Location: Arena Castelão, in Fortaleza (CE)
Date/Time: May 18, 2022 at 11pm
Referee: Franklin Kongo (ECU)
Assistants: Ricardo Barin (ECU) and Andrés Tola (ECU)


Lima Alliance

fields; Rojas, Ramos, Portales, Felches; Benitez, Balloon, Concha, Lavandera, Aguirre and Boats. Coach: Carlos Bustos


Marcelo Bok-Tinga, Benevenuto, Tite; Pikachu, Felipe, Llosa, Lucas Lima and Lucas Krispim; Moisés, Kayzer.. Coach: Vojvoda.

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