September 24, 2023
Fortaleza vs America-MG LIVE: Follow the match in real time - play

Fortaleza vs America-MG LIVE: Follow the match in real time – play

Fortaleza and America MG Face each other at Arena Castelão in a match valid for round 13 of Italian Serie A Brazilian Championship. The game is worth a lot for both teams, especially the Tricolor do Pici team, which is in last place in the competition, with only 7 points added.

Follow and listen to the match live

the game

first half

0 – 15 minutes: The stronghold begins to squeeze. Tricolor has more possession of the ball, throttles the América-MG and controls offensive actions in search of a goal. In his best access so far, Yago greeted Pikachu inside the area, finishing off guard Airton in the tackle. Marcelo Bock has not been shocked yet.

15 – 30 minutes: The game scene is the same, Leonin control. However, America began to attack more. In the event that he arrives twice, he was in danger with Danilo Avelar. And at their best, in the 29th minute, the defender took a big headshot. The ball passed over the goal. In response, at 30, Fortress counterattacks at speed. Lucas Lima crossed by Romero but the striker did not catch it and finish it wide.


Energy: Marcelo Boc-Ceballos, Beneventou, Tite; Iago Pikachu, Felipe, Zee Willison, Lucas Lima and Juninho Capixaba; Moses and Romero. Coach: Juan Pablo Vojvoda

America- MG: Arton. Caceres, Conte, Eder, and Marlon; Juninho, Danilo Avelar and Lucas Cale; Felipe Azevedo, Everaldo, and Aloysio “Boy Bandido”. Coach: Wagner Mancini.

Fortaleza game today, see details

In no time Fortaleza vs America-MG

The match will start at 18:00 (Brasilia time).

Where to watch Fortaleza vs America-MG

The match will be broadcast live from the premiere. Verdinha will get the live narration and Diario de Nordest will do its work in real time.


Three colors on fire

Juan Pablo Voevoda’s mission is to lead the reaction of Fortaleza in Brazil

take photo:
Thiago Jadelha / SVM

Under great stress, Tricolor experienced a series of adverse events in the last 72 hours after defeat for avaíin the middle of the week.

First, the team was greeted with protests at Pinto Martins Airport on Friday (17), where the striker Robson A fan attacked him. On the same day, it was revealed that attacker Renato Kaiser He should not play for the club He was not even included in the match.

Yesterday, another protest in Pici, with Vojvoda speaking to attendees at Alcides Santos. And the club, surprisingly, announced Midfielder Lucas Krispim sacked over ‘disengagement’ With the club by holding a party on Friday. It was a stimulating situation Neymar’s manifestationswho defended his friend Crispum indirectly.

art paper | Fortaleza vs America MG

  • Brazilian Championship – Serie A
  • Location: Arena Castelão, in Fortaleza (CE)
  • Date/time: June 19, 2022 at 6 PM
  • Referee: Leandro Pedro Voadin (RS)
  • Assistants: Jorge Eduardo Bernardi (Russia) and Jose Eduardo Calza (Russia)
  • Video Assistant Referee: Rodrigo Carvalhaes de Miranda (Russia)

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