Fortin: “We worked hard”

Fortin: «On a travaillé fort»

One can certainly not speak yet of ” the new Maroons “, but those led by the duo Fortin-Lapierre or Lapierre-Fortin, it on will make their entrance in the scene, Saturday night at the arena Jacques-Chagnon, so that they will play against Athletes in Joliette.

“David and I, we worked hard this week, explained Miguel Fortin, who now has a coach associated with his side. We talked strategy, we talked game system, I talked to him about our players, the league in general, etc, I spent more time with him than with my wife this week ! “

But before we go further, settle the question of those who are not, that may not be… or there may be.

First, Olivier Laliberté, fired by president David Godbout last Sunday, has been invited back by David Lapierre who, remember, has obtained a carte blanche with regard to decisions relating to the hockey. The one who was the deputy of Fortin since the last season was a period of reflection, still on Friday evening. Derrick Jacobs will attend Lapierre and Fortin behind the bench in the face of the Sport.

As for the defender Jason Larochelle, who slammed the door this week following the dismissal of Laliberté, as he described it, a lack of respect, it is also thinking whether he will return or not. Same thing for Jonathan Bouchard who, even if he had not made the release public, has not appreciated that we thank Laliberté.

“It respects the moment for reflection of each and every one, has taken over Fortin. When you make senior hockey, it is necessary that you attempt to true. “

For the rest, the Maroons will certainly be without Jason Crack (concussion, we finally the know) and Charles Power (shoulder). Alex Side may also miss the game, but this one for personal reasons that have nothing to do with the events of this week.

François Lacerte will be in front of the net.

Positive momentum

It is, however, a positive impetus that the Maroons (7-8-2) will rub themselves to Athletes (9-5-2) Saturday night.

“The beginning of the week has been very hard, but the last few days have brought a lot of enthusiasm,” said Fortin. The arrival of David, that is super positive for the organization. We still have five games on the regular schedule, plus the playoffs, and everything is still possible for us. “

Due to a match involving the Black and Gold Of Mortagne (his employer first, let’s remember), in the late afternoon in Sherbrooke, Lapierre could, however, arrive a bit late to the meeting of the Maroons. So, don’t panic if it is not behind the bench when the referee drops the puck.

It will also be interesting to see what effect will have had all the events of the last week on the mood of the supporters of the Maroons. Will they be more or less numerous than they used to ?

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