August 18, 2022
Fortnite is removing the ability to build in its new update

Fortnite is removing the ability to build in its new update

It is an electronic game It was not the first successful battle royale, but it is the game that currently dominates the genre. However, one of its most unique mechanics compared to other options will now be temporarily removed: the ability to build during matches.

The change comes with the update for Chapter 3 of Season Two: The Resistance. Instead of being able to construct buildings to protect themselves, players will now have what’s called an extra shield, which is a second shield that overrides their original shield.

Epic Games idea with this update in format It is an electronic game It’s getting players to focus more on the battle, but he makes it clear in the update text that the mechanic will eventually return:

“All battles, no building. The building is wiped out. It’s up to the Resistance to get it back. Join your squad and help The Seven uncover the nefarious plan of the Imagined Order.”

Players and especially construction enthusiasts need not despair either. You can still use the mechanics in arena modes and competitive playlists. While Epic Games is trying to bring some intrigue to It is an electronic gameIt looks like the design will revert to other modes in some upcoming updates.

Chapter 3, of course, also brings new customization elements, which include the appearance of Dr. a stranger. as fast as It is an electronic game They were making their collaboration, any new Marvel movie was already expected to get in-game appearances.