February 6, 2023

Fossil discovery reveals dinosaur’s last meal

heard about jurassic world And you imagined at that time a lot of dinosaurs and adventures? Have you ever thought about trying to survive without being eaten by a Tyrannosaurus Rex?

Image: reproduction

Next, let’s talk about the dinosaur And about his last meal, a recent discovery that could reveal much more than we could ever dream of.

But wait, it wasn’t the sheer size of tyrannosaurus rexAnd what he finally ate was not human.

The dinosaur in question is the size of a cat, and its potential prey, though there is no clear answer, was also small. Turns out, the fossil is about 120 million years old!

A mammal’s foot was found inside its stomach. It is not known for certain if it ate just the foot or the entire mammal, but the find came to fruition as the first evidence of a dinosaur eating mammals.

According to a survey in western China, the feet were in an excellent state of protection. As described in Journal of Vertebrate PaleontologyThe dinosaur is described as a microraptor, among the smallest ever discovered, and is described as having feathers, which it may have used for flight.

The article shows that the little dinosaur, as we can call it, fed not only on mammals, but also on plants, that is, it did not have a single source of food.

This was not the only one dinosaur Found with the remnants of food in the stomach. A smaller dinosaur, 110 million years old, has also been found. It was considered one of the best preserved dinosaurs in the world, yet only soft plants were found in its intestines, as well as a few stones.

In addition, scientists committed to the search for foods found in the stomachs of dinosaurs comment that it is very important to pay attention to this fact, because they still cannot say with certainty what foods these animals used to feed themselves.

Studies are also important for reporting on factors such as where dinosaurs lived. So it is not just the study of bones, as some might think, but an important part of human history.

we Archaeological studiesWe have also learned not only what they eat, but the climate of a particular area, or even the structure of the teeth, including the features of these animals, has been studied so carefully that, more and more, historical discoveries about our past can be made!