September 26, 2022
Four days into the second division, Cruzeiro has a decisive vote on a deal with Ronaldo;  See short, medium and long term plans |  Sea trip

Four days into the second division, Cruzeiro has a decisive vote on a deal with Ronaldo; See short, medium and long term plans | Sea trip

Since switching to a club company, it has become Sea trip Live the most important day thinking about the future of the partnership with Ronaldo. On Monday evening, four days before the match against Bahia, in the first round of the Second Division, the Board of Deliberations will vote for or against the points considered crucial to the final contract between the two parties: the transfer of Tocas da Raposa I and II to the phenomenon and the beginning of the judicial reorganization process. or extrajudicial.

And as much as the fans have had massive support for the former striker – which he demonstrated on Saturday, at Mineirao – the approval is still seen with reservations. Ronaldo and his team, as well as President Sergio Rodriguez, are dealing with the situation with optimism, especially after last Thursday’s meeting, which aimed to dispel the consultants’ doubts about the contract.

It turns out that a political wing of Cruzeiro has created obstacles in relation to the agreement in its current form, mainly because they are considered a contract with few benefits to the association. Sea trip Sport club. This wing, which has important names within the club, such as Alvimar Perilla, who is seeking judicial support for a request to postpone the vote, despite paying tribute to Ronaldo.

Although it still depends on the approval of 90% of the members of the board, the team working for Ronaldo Phenomeno already has in mind the goals to be pursued in the Sea trip Short, medium and long term mining club. They were presented at last Thursday’s deliberative board meeting and will guide the work of the SAF if Ronaldo’s points are approved at Monday’s meeting.

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The first situation to be resolved is to pay off the debts that are currently forbidding Sea trip To register players. That’s R$14 million, adding debts with Atlético-AC (by Careca) and Independiente Del Valle (by Kunty Caicedo). You will have to race against time, because it is only possible to register players in the second division until Tuesday 12th of next week.

Among the short-term goals (to be achieved by the end of April): Completion of works in Toca da Raposa, conclusion of a new agreement with Mineirão and appointment of a business manager. For this period, other goals were set:

  • Mapping the investments needed for cash transfers;
  • data integration system
  • Attracting sponsorships and renewals.
  • Complete the strategic plan.

Targets have also been set to be achieved by the end of the year. One of them is that Ronaldo followed a phenomenon until the beginning of the second division: to reach 50,000 members and that the average revenue at the box office / member is an average value of 40 Brazilian reals per ticket.

Ronaldo tries to agree to the terms of the agreement with Cruzeiro – Photo: Gustavo Alexo / Cruzeiro

In addition, Ronaldo Football Club aims to increase the club’s recurring revenue by 30%. It also wants, from the agreement with Mineirao, to make matches on the field more profitable, not only by holding matches, but other attractions on the days of commitments on the field.

Another goal that burdens the pocket and the sporting performance is settling debts with other clubs. The goal is to regulate debts in FIFA and in the CNRD so that the club does not run the risk of being penalized, like the two currently in place.

The club’s long-term goals were also presented. idea Sea trip He is expanding the consumer market, using Ronaldo as leverage. sees them:

  • Strengthening the position of the club at home
  • Ronaldo’s use of ‘internationalisation’ Sea trip
  • Investing in technology for Sea trip Grow in the digital environment

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