Four-year-old Chechen has stolen “Volga” to take the bride (video)

Четырехлетний чеченец угнал "Волгу", чтобы покатать невесту (видео)

Street surveillance camera recorded the attempted theft of the car a little boy. It is known that the incident occurred in the Chechen Republic. It is reported Mgcheap.

The footage shows how the boy and the girl, whose age is difficult to assess, in a hurry to a parked “Volga”.

Obviously, the future man decided to impress his beloved and ride it with a breeze.

In that moment, when he manages to get inside the car, the car ran over the locals. They tried to open the door of a domestic car, but probably the boy was driving and knew how to block the door.

He managed to pull in a few yards when adults have been able to stop him. Cuffs from their relatives young gandino could not be avoided.


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