François Legault met Emmanuel Macron at the Elysée palace

François Legault rencontre Emmanuel Macron à l’Élysée

PARIS – The French president Emmanuel Macron underscored the historical links privileged between France and Quebec, on the occasion of his meeting with the prime minister, François Legault, Monday, at the Elysée palace.

After making a brief statement to the media at the residence of the president, without taking any questions from journalists, the two men had a private conversation before sharing a meal, in the company of their wives.

They stressed in particular that the meeting took place on the day of the 71st anniversary of the Quebec flag.

Mr. Macron stated that the Quebec and France have common goals on the international scene, including the fight against climate change and the development of artificial intelligence.

Mr Legault, who is described as the “head of State” of Quebec, said he was touched by the welcome we received with all the honors offered to dignitaries of high rank.

“I’m the only head of State in North America to represent a French-speaking majority, and therefore I have a responsibility to protect and promote the French”, said the prime minister, on his second day of visit to Paris.

He added that Quebec was in need of France to carry out this task.

The prime minister Legault had met earlier with his French counterpart Édouard Philippe.

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