François Paradis: the chair techno

François Paradis: le président techno

Lead emissions to increase awareness of the mps; to use technology to vote on the legislation; the head of François Paradis is bursting with ideas to modernize the national Assembly.

In an interview to the Sun, the new president, elected in November, refrains from disclosing what he would like to accomplish in the next four years because he does not want to “shake up” his colleagues. “I want to be a gatherer.”

But it is certain that his background as a tv host teintera his presidency. It will continue for example to go directly to the camera during question period in the blue Room. “This is because in the back of the camera, there are people and I’ll continue to watch them and I want them to be more numerous.”

The Channel of the national Assembly, which has existed since 1978, will be completely handed over to the taste of the day. “I have projects, concepts, ideas that will allow us to offer a different product to showcase what it is.”

Mr. Paradis could, for example, to animate himself of emissions where it is enjoyed with the mps “in a very convenient way, in shirt-sleeves”. “What are his passions? I want that one appropriates a human being.”

The president also hopes that the citizens discover, on tv or on the Web, below the national Assembly and the employees who work there.

He already sees the agora located in the center of the new visitor pavilion, which will open in may next turn into a tv studio hosting a leaders ‘ debate or an election night. “Why not? Everything is on the table!”

The objective of this communication plan is to fight the cynicism in the air at the regard of the institution, and politicians in general. Mr. Paradis is convinced that it is possible to “reverse this trend-there”. “But that is something you can’t do that if you enfermes dans ta bulle.”

Distance voting?

Within a few years, it is expected that the blue Room — which are voted on all the laws — is renovated. Mr. Paradis would like to take the opportunity to put technology at the service of the elect, while respecting the special character of the place.

“The story certainly does not avoid pleasure modernity. The story certainly does not avoid pleasure technologies. It takes nothing to do that the conjugation is good.”

For example, the remote vote of the members or chat on the Web could make their appearance. “We are aware of everything that goes, on the plan of the new technologies, facilitate the work of meps and the transmission of information.”

The employees of the national Assembly have already begun to observe the digital developments of other parliaments in the world for inspiration.

Mr. Paradis said that in his personal life, he is “a gamer” and “a freak of gadgets”. He believes, therefore, that the technology will help the mp to be more effective. No question, however, of taking shortcuts, before adopting a draft law. “It will never cut corners under the pretext that you want to do more quickly.”


Should we make it so that members have a right to a maternity leave, or paternity? Should we create a dress code to the national Assembly? Should we revise the salaries of mps and their expense allowances?

Mr. Paradis does not want to rule alone in these issues, but also indicates that they will all be submitted to the Office of the national Assembly (BAN), which consists of mps from all parties. They must strive to make decisions by mutual agreement.

The first topic of conversation in the BAN will be the file of the transparency of the spending of members of parliament, who has done much good publicity before the elections. “The key word, it is to be reasonable,” says Mr. Paradis, and hopes of fruitful discussions on this topic.



François Paradis provides for a big family celebration in may to celebrate the opening of the new visitor pavilion of the national Assembly. This construction project, which will be delivered in the time frame and the planned budget of $ 60.5 million, enthusiasm for the president. “We’re going to have something that does not exist elsewhere.” According to him, this is the opportunity for the national Assembly to become a real tourist attraction and to bring Quebec to rediscover it. Visitors will be entitled to a course fun and interactive way to discover democracy in a pavilion from nine, before continuing the visit to the red Room, the blue Room and other spaces where there are members.



Often shunned by the CAQ, the international travel of parliamentarians will continue under the leadership of François Paradis. “There is a radiation that is essential”, pleaded he. Mr. Paradis is of the view that the national Assembly of Quebec must keep its links to the Francophonie, and that it is healthy to “go learn from best practices”, or to “export the best practices of Quebec”. But he wants to be more rigorous : members will be required to travel only when it is essential. “We need to rethink all of this. The relevance of the trips and who participates in the movement.” The new president also wants to better communicate the reasons for these trips. “You’re going to somewhere, but it might be fun to let people know it has given what, we learned what?”



Elected as a member of the CAQ in Lévis, in October last, Mr. Paradis has no intention of keeping away from his constituents because he has been awarded the prestigious function of president of the national Assembly. “I have my office in Lévis. My team is there and it works pasted on the citizens,” he says. If it will be a little less visible on the field, he promises to run the records of its citizens among his colleagues. In public, however, it will not be able to make interventions-partisan and shall observe a duty of reserve.

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