May 31, 2023

Fred Bruno kisses Ricciardo, Cara de Sabato and Gabriel Santana at a birthday party | celebrities

Former BBB Fred Bruno kissed Gabriel Santana and Cara de Sabato at a birthday partyReproduction from the Internet

Posted on 6/5/2023 10:03 AM

RIO – Fred Bruno enjoyed his birthday last Friday night in Sao Paulo. With the theme “Festa do Líder”, the celebration was marked by the reunion of the former participants of “BBB 23”, the reality show on TV Globo featuring Bianca Andrade’s ex-boyfriend in the Camarote team. At one point in the celebration, the birthday boy is seen kissing the boys he met in confinement.

In videos circulating on the Internet, Fred organizes a line with his former inmates to hand out sips of alcoholic beverages. However, the influencer has already started the game with Gabriel Santana’s one-tap surprise. The fun was left to Riccardo Alves, Gustavo Benedetti and Antonio Cara de Sabato, who were excluded from “BBB 23” due to sexual harassment.

Former futsal player Falcao also received a kiss from the journalist, who was at the event, accompanied by his wife. And of course there was no shortage of kisses to Larissa Santos, the ex-sister with whom Fred had an affair.

The event was also attended by the champion of the version, Amanda Meirelles, as well as Sarah Allen, Bruna Griffaue, Marvella, Tina Calamba, Christian Fanelli and Bruno Gaga who dropped out of “BBB 23”.

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