October 3, 2023
Fred misses a penalty, Flo draws with Santa Fe and gets complicated

Fred misses a penalty, Flo draws with Santa Fe and gets complicated

The Fluminense Only in a goalless draw with Union Santa in the third round of Group H For Cuba Sudamericana. The 0-0 score at the Maracana, in which Fred still missed a penalty in overtime tonight (26), complicates the team’s tournament position.

The result keeps Flu in third place with four points. On the other hand, the Argentine club has reached five and takes the temporary leadership of the group. Only the best from each group advance to the Round of 16.

In the fourth round, both clubs play at home. facing the union Oriente Petrolero on Thursday (5), It’s 7:15 pm. Indeed Influenza receives Junior Barranquilla on Wednesday (4), at 21:30. However, before that, the Rio de Janeiro team turned its attention to Brazil. Sunday(1), 4pm, visit Curitiba in Coto Pereira.

Game timeline

The Argentine team went into the back and managed to make life difficult for the tricolor. Even with the ball, Carioca did not do much in the offensive field.

Who did well: Nino

The defender started the match on the most defensive line and performed as expected. Then, with the substitutions, he started to play more openly, almost improvised as a side and managed to help out as much as he could. With the entry of Caligari he returned to the role of defender.

Who was bad: Kano

Shirt 14 wasn’t having a good night. Although, at times, he managed to upset the opponent’s defense sector, he was not able to “catch” the ball in front and made some decision errors in plays that could have been more dangerous.

flu performance

Abel kept the scheme with three defenders, but with the news. Starting with Lucas Claro, David Braz played the most central role of the three defenders. The attack went wrong. Caio Paulista was chosen as a winger, but on more than one occasion Kano has appeared in the role.

In the first half, the team managed to get more ball and get around the opponent’s area, but it encountered passing errors to create better chances. On the other hand, the defense took a few naps and got frightened.

On the return of the break, Fred took Caio Paulista’s place and Tricolor changed the team’s layout a bit, but saw that Santa had more space and arrived more easily. With new exchanges, he showed improvement.

WL. Santa Fe performance

Visitors went to the Maracana with an initial suggestion to “wait” for the flu and leave quickly. In some attacks, she touched the defensive sector of the Brazilian team, but in general, she did not frighten much. He was about to open the scoring with a tricolor foul that sent LVez out in front of goal, but sends him off.

However, in the second half, he started to be a little more present in the attacking area and made Fabio a good save. Later, with flu changes during the final phase, he returned to using a suggestion similar to the initial one.

Argentinians sing loudly

Unión Santa Fe fans turned out in droves to the Maracana and sang loudly. At various times, before and during the match, the screams of visitors could be heard.

Flo tries to attack

Fluminense started the game trying to push the opponent and occupy the attacking field. The team had more ball, but encountered some passing errors in the time of finishing plays. On the other hand, Unión Santa Fe looked for exits quickly to explore spaces in the back of the defence, but also without much success.


With the first half still tied, Fluminense went to the locker room to boo the fans.

Fabio was saved twice and the goal is not allowed

Early in the second half, after a corner kick, Calderon hit a strong header and Fabio saved well. After another corner kick, Polenta finished and Fabio made a good save again. On the rebound, Alves scored the net, but was flagged offside.

mixed feelings

In the final minutes, the Fluminense fans were divided between the team’s protests over the draw and shouts of encouragement to press for victory.

missed opportunity

In injury time, after a cross, the ball was caught by Juarez, the defender of Onion Santa Fe, and the referee awarded a penalty kick. The move generated a lot of complaints from visitors, while the audience sang “Blessed by Joao de Dios”. In the kick, Fred hit the goalkeeper Mielle went to the corner to palm and Equality contract.

Draw with the taste of victory

After the final whistle, the Argentine fans celebrated a lot in the Maracana stands.

data sheet:

Contest: Sudamericana Cup – Third round of Group H
Date: 04/26/2022, Tuesday
Schedule: 21:30 (from Brasilia)
Sweetened: Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
to rule: Esteban Ostojic (URU)
Auxiliaries: Nicholas Taran (URU) and Carlos Barreiro (URU)
yellow cards: Lucas for sure, marlon (flo); Diego Polenta, Luna Diyala, Nathan (USF)
Objectives: -.

Fluminence: Fabio. Nino, Lucas Claro, and David Prause (Caligari); Caio Paulista (Fred), Wellington (Iago Philip), Nonato, Jansu (Nathan), and Marlon; John Arias (Luis Henrique) and German Cano. Technical: Abel Braga.

Santa Fe Federation: honey; Pretiz, Calderon, Polenta and Corvalan; Portillo, Machuca (Juarez) and Nardone (Roldan); Zenon, Luna Diyala (Plus) and Jonathan Alves. Technical: Gustavo Monoa.