Frederic Cassivi has found happiness Hershey

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Frédéric Cassivi a trouvé le bonheur à Hershey

CHRONIC / It’s crazy how we live in a small world…

Knowing that I go each year in Florida for the Holidays, one of my very good friends (practically a brother !) as a leader in the professional hockey always wonder if I can organize my schedule so that I can attend some games of the american hockey League or the NHL along the way. The conclusion of the period of the transactions arriving in great strides in the circuit Bettman, he wanted to know my opinion about some of the players likely to be traded.

Thus it is that during my journey, I made a first stop in Hershey, where the Bears of the place (club-school of the Washington Capitals) were rubbing this evening for the Phantoms to Lehigh Valley. The hopes of this team are mostly picked up by the organization of the Philadelphia Flyers.

A good hour before the game, when I’m on the press gallery, I prepare my leaves for the game. I then hear a man behind me shout ” Dannyboy, it is really you ? I just see your name on the sheet (accreditation), and I am of rwandan if it was my old chum who was there ! Hey, it’s been a long time ! “

The man in question, it was Frederic Cassivi, that the hockey fans of the region have well-known, who has brilliantly kept the goals of the deceased Laser de Saint-Hyacinthe at the beginning of the 90s in the QMJHL, when he was in the process of reconstruction after ” the era of Martin Brodeur “.

But in our case, Cass and me, we’ve known for thirty years. In time, we lived in Trois-Rivières West and one is from the same organization of minor hockey. He is three years my junior. When I was playing bantam, he played pee-wee and so on. However, I was far from suspecting that I was going to review this evening !

Usually, we see rather that happen in the QMJHL : the young hockey player left his house at 16 or 17 years old will play in major junior in the city is evolving the team that retrieved it. The days and months go by and lo and behold, the player finds love in his adoptive city. Once his career ended, he moved back in the same city so that his wife could be closer to her family, that she had left behind to follow her man.

The examples of the genre are many. Marc Denis, a former keeper of the Saguenéens, went back to Chicoutimi, where he raises his two boys (Thomas and Olive) in the company of his wife, the charismatic Marie-Josée. Same thing for Jocelyn Thibault, who has returned to Sherbrooke, the city where during his stay as the custodian of the dead Falcons he had met the very lovely Melanie Trachy, his wife of the past 25 years, and with whom he had his daughters.

Similar situations also occurred here, in Granby. For one, the ex-Buffalo Martin, Belair, came to establish himself there after his last year with the Drillers Val-d’or, even if he is a native of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield. Person very in order to us, he is now acting as a co-owner of Resto-Pub Le St-Ambroise.

As for the Jonquiérois Dave Boudreault, also an ex-Bison, he loved it so much our city as it has decided to install his family, although he has finished his career as a junior with the Titan de Laval.

For Frederic Cassivi, however, the idea of being in a place other than Hershey in Pennsylvania was not even once that the moment for retreat has come. First of all, it is at this place he spent the most time during his career of 15 seasons at the professional, and there has certainly known its best moments. It has particularly helped the Bears to win the Cup Calder in 2006.

Secondly, it is during his first stay there he met his first wife, who gave birth to her two children. So the idea was to get close to them.

“Living here, it is fantastic ! , he said. Hershey is a small town of 20,000 people that is part of a large ensemble (that of the metropolitan region and the capital of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg), which has about 700 000 inhabitants, 50 miles to the round. “In addition to being a financial adviser in the life of every day, Cass is, since last year, analyst to the radio when the retransmission of the matches of the Bears.

“Hershey, it’s beautiful, it’s clean, it’s family, and the community is knitted very tightly, pursues the one who has been inducted into the hall of fame of the american League in 2015. In addition, it is located only two hours from Washington and Philadelphia, and less than three hours drive from New York and Pittsburgh. It is all the same close to the action ! “

“When I look back, I realize that I have had, all in all, a nice career, launches the one that has been a choice of the 9th round of the Ottawa Senators during the draft, 1994. I kept the goals in the NHL (with Washington and the deceased Trashers of Atlanta), in the international League (Cincinnati), the american League (Charlottetown, Syracuse, Worcester, Hershey and Chicago), Russia during the lockout, Germany and Austria. Therefore, we can say that I have traveled ! After
15 years in the pro, it was about time that I get home and I found mine. And the house, after all these years, I realized that it was here, in Hershey. “

“But none of that would have happened if Michel Cormier (father, then DG of the Victoriaville Tigers) I had not traded in Saint-Hyacinthe, highlights Cassivi. This transaction has really given a boost to my career and this has enabled me to know the region of Saint-Hyacinthe, Granby and the surrounding area. A corner that I love ! Also, I did not pray there to bring the hockey team of my son — the Black Knights-of-Palmyra —, who will play next in the class AA Tournament bantam de Granby. “

Needless to say, dear Cass, I’ll be there to cheer you on, your little Alex and you !

Before meeting Fred, I ran into the coach of the Phantoms, Scott Gordon, in one of the corridors in the Giant Center. I have known one that just about everyone in the hockey world nicknamed Flash while he was guarding the goal of the Nordic. Since then, we have always been so fun to meet with us, our route being overlapped several times thereafter. In the course of our conversation, he told me to have found happiness in Allentown (the city which hosts the Phantoms), where his wife, Jennifer and him have quickly integrated to their new community. According to his words, he did not return to the NHL (he has already directed the New York Islanders), at least for the moment. What was therefore my surprise to see him the next night at the bar of the Philadelphia Flyers, who were coming to sack their coach Dave Hakstol the same afternoon !

Another proof that everything can go very fast in the wonderful world of professional hockey…

Frédéric Cassivi a trouvé le bonheur à Hershey



Hockey League preparatory school was recently awarded its prize to Mathieu Darche for the first step of the present school year and the five-door-colors of the Titans of the Divine Word are among the winners because of their excellence on the academic plan. In the photo, we found Mathis Tétreault (M-17), Olivier Proulx (M-15 minor), Émile Cauchon (M-13), Étienne Campeau-Ratté (M-15 major), and Xavier Cauchon (M-18). These students are surrounded by your humble servant, Patrick Lachapelle, both co-founders of the Titans.

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