July 18, 2024

Free Fire is the most popular electronic sport in the world. paying off!

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Free Fire is the most popular electronic sport in the world.  paying off!
Free Fire is the most popular electronic sport in the world.  paying off!

The gaming world is being built more and more among the well-known sports styles in the country. Like other team games, well-known esports have great professional players and passionate fans, as well as organizing tournaments and matches.

Among them, it is possible to find Free Fire, which is considered to be the most popular electronic sport in the world. Keep reading and learn more about this game.

Competitions in the world of Free Fire

Among Brazilians, Free Fire is one of the most prominent games. This Battle Royale game was launched in 2017 by Garena from Singapore.

It is available for mobile devices, on Android or iOS platforms. But, if the player is interested, it can also be used on PC, with the help of Android Emulators, such as Bluestacks.


Among all kinds of game sports, or also known as eSports, the Brazilian league stands out for “Free Fire”, a fact proven by the latest Game Brasil survey, conducted in 2022. Even for professional players, there are two official events: LBFF and COPA Free Fire.

In addition, the audience accompanying matches can reach approximately 1.07 million at one time and by various media.

In turn, the LBFF is divided into three series: A, B and C. It is distributed among 18 teams and the first two winning teams participate in the Free Fire World Series (FFWS), the World Championship. For example, in 2019, Corinthians won the world title.

COPA Free Fire invests large amounts of money in competitions, as in the latest version, the winners won R$70,000 and R$50,000 for the first and second places, respectively.

Free Fire is the most popular esports in the world
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Teams and players for matches

Teams consist of four players, and matches are played between 12 teams. Thus, 48 ​​players participate in total. Thus, there is the last round with 12 teams, with each team going out individually until the last one left.

Finally, these teams stand out on the Brazilian and international scene:

  • Team Liquid (1st edition LBFF champion);
  • Vivo Keyd Stars (2-time LBFF Champion);
  • LOUD (1-time LBFF Champion);
  • B4 (one-time LBFF Champion);
  • Flow (1-time LBFF Champion);
  • Corinthians (1 time FFWS champion).

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