June 4, 2023

Fresh produce is served by an egg maker in Ireland

It is common nowadays to see many automatic machines scattered all over the places. With them, people can quickly get the food they want.

A practical example is Sprinkles Cupcakes. The machines deliver fresh donuts 24 hours a day. It is located in Ireland vending machines Vending machines containing products from the markets.

The vending machine makes life easier for thousands of people

With the increasingly popular use of vending machines, every country has begun to look at the needs of its residents in order to quickly and easily provide the products they need.

In Ireland, for example, there are machines where users can buy market products. They sell, for example, strawberries, potatoes and eggs.

After all, how do eggs spend so long in machines without refrigeration?

This is because the process for cleaning eggs in Ireland is different. When we analyze the US method, for example, it is seen that they use an antiseptic that makes the eggs need to be kept in refrigerated environments.

However, the product used in Ireland varies, and as such, food does not need to be kept in cold environments. Therefore, the possibility of putting them in vending machines is there.

Image: Google

How do these machines actually work?

These machines are like the rest. Just put the money in the slot, and shortly thereafter, the door will open with a tray of fresh eggs. Delivery logistics vary slightly to prevent the eggs from being broken during the time they will be delivered to the customer.

At the time of purchase, you can tell where the eggs came from and there are usually three names: Sophie’s, Ella’s, and Jackie’s. It is also possible to leave the tray, after they have all been consumed, on the “Returns” shelf.

The devices have the ability to send text messages to products to alert them when stock is low, so they can immediately order new products for replacement.