September 21, 2023

From Anxiety to Parkinson’s Disease: Learn about the health problems that can arise in the gut

In the case of children, when they begin to turn a lot in bed clockwise and sweat excessively, this is a symptom of food intolerance. Clockwise is how the intestines work, so the baby moves in bed due to inertia.

As for adults, those who sweat excessively at night, move around a lot in bed and have mental confusion, such as forgetting some words, should investigate some food intolerances.

Finally, the nutritionist explains that the Bristol scale is a way to see if human stool looks correct, because “when it starts to crumble and doesn’t end with this little tip, it’s an attention you must have for your gut.”

It is always correct to give importance to the signs of this part of the body, because with “more nourishment, the intestines work, you have more health, well-being, longevity and happiness”.

* Trainee in R7 Under the supervision of Fernando Meles