September 28, 2022
From IFRN to US: Son of a farmer recognized at American University |  Great North River

From IFRN to US: Son of a farmer recognized at American University | Great North River

The farmer’s son, a 19-year-old student who recently graduated from the Federal Institute (IFRN) in Rio Grande do Norte, was recognized in the exam at Dufts University in the United States. Moizés Henriques da Silva Almeida traveled more than 50 kilometers between his home, the interior of Paraiba and IFRN’s Pau dos Ferros campus to attend classes.

“When I opened the university’s portal and saw a big ‘congratulations’, at first I was in shock and then glad to know everything worked. It has not sunk yet,” he said. “Of course this is the craziest moment of my life! I do not think I can do it because it is so competitive,” he added.

Moises is one of 20 Brazilians selected by the Education Opportunities Graduation Program offered by EducationUSA. The student learned about Dufts University while looking for a company and went through the entire admissions process, which includes evidence of proficiency; Standardized US test; Letters of recommendation; Articles; Financial forms; Interviews; And various requirements.

The IFRN alumnus will travel to the United States in the coming months. He studied computer science and perhaps environmental engineering for four years at the School of Arts and Sciences at Tufts University in Massachusetts, USA.

“I want to create a better future for myself and my family and make a difference in our country. It needs initiative and young people who are ready to create a better future for all. May young people with realities like mine succeed more. Their dreams and goals,” he said.

The mother of the student, farmer Mônica Simone, did not hide her pride in her son’s achievement.

“It was something he had already dreamed of and fought for. It did not come for free; it happened through many struggles and efforts, and God blessed him,” he celebrated.

“It’s a great pleasure, we can not describe it, but we are very happy with his success. The heart is a little tight, but there is hope that everything will work out, it gives him the strength to continue.

A resident of Bom Sucesso Municipality in Baraiba with a population of 4,937, Moizés graduated from the Pau dos Ferros Campus at the beginning of 2022 with a degree in Informatics integrated technology. “Studying at IFRN is a very important achievement for rural students, for the quality of education we know we are there for, and the opportunities we know we will discover,” he said.

The practice of moises began early. At 5:20 a.m., he had already left the house and was on his way to campus. The student was traveling to the neighboring city of Alexandria in Rio Grande do Norde, where he boarded a bus toward IFRN. As he became a colleague in the unit, he returned home at 7:30 p.m.

There was a four year course in the Integrated Technical Course in Informatics. However, the young man recalled, “Before joining the company, he had no connection with computers or technology. At the time, he was afraid of what was to come”, but the course “met the requirements of equipment and knowledge”.

Studying in another country is not always on Moises’ dream list. After learning and learning the English language, the student discovered opportunities beyond the Brazilian border, with potential resources. “In my reality there are opportunities that are not introduced to young people,” he pointed out.

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