December 3, 2023

From myth to the biggest accounting scandal

From myth to the biggest accounting scandal

Photo: Simplus Menegati/Wikimedia Commons

Shareholder reference group The Americans – Jorge Paulo Lehmann, Carlos Alberto Secubera and Marcel Hermann Telles – was until recently considered a contemporary version of the Greek myth Midas is kingsays Rodrigo OIiveira in Crusoe.

But on January 11 of this year, the legend gave way to what could become the biggest accounting scandal in the Brazilian corporate world. The newly appointed CEO of Americana Corporation, Sergio Realleft the retailer’s driver’s seat after nine days indicating “accounting discrepanciesGive Request 20 billion Brazilian reais as an incentive to make a decision. According to Real, the company would have been incorrectly accounting for a process commonly known as “Risk parity“, which involves projecting receivables to the company’s suppliers through a line of credit opened by a bank.”

Despite the legendary success, the history of 3G Capital There are episodes that should have acted as Most alert alert. Shortly after Rumo’s acquisition of América Latina Logistica (ALL), in 2015, it republished balance sheets for the company’s previous two years (when the trio still controlled the company), reclassifying, among other items, its debt line with suppliers.