Frustration for Inouk

De la frustration chez les Inouk

Unable to play a match with a full alignment, the Inouk begin to be frustrated.

The faces were long in the entourage of the team following the defeat suffered in overtime in the face of the French College on Friday night. The usually very calm Marc-Antoine Dufour has farted its check mark, and then his team-mates and him went jogging question of make out the villain.

“We had a good team and the guys don’t like to lose,” says Patrice Bosch. But it is true that the frustration begins to be felt. We will tell frankly, we live in the face of adversity since the beginning of the season. This is not a joke, we have not played a single game with an alignment of almost-complete. Not one of them!”

Deprived of quality players such as Félip Bourdeau and Nicolas Roy, Inouk are still passed close to the face of the French College.

“Despite our poor start, it would have been able to go to a edge as of the other, takes over Bosch. And we went to pick up the victory in Saint-Jérôme, quebec two days before. And against Princeville, before that, we were past close also. It is put firmly to the test with all our injuries, but it remains that one is always in the shot.”

Bosch says that the injuries are such that some players have the chance to be used in important roles when they should be used in support roles. Friday, for example, Ludovic Caron and the young Christopher Morissette, both found on the first trio in the company of William Leblanc and Louis-Philippe Denis.

“We are doing a hockey development and what are the situations that allow us to work a little more on some of the guys. There’s a positive in all of this.”

Of course, the Inouk have earned their place in the series for a long time and the regular season of the League, junior AAA, with 12 teams of 13 who will participate in the appointment qualifying, does not want to say much. Nevertheless, the confidence of Granbyens could eventually be affected if the defeats against the good clubs accumulate?

“I think not, replied Bosch. We know that this is not an easy period, but you know what you’re worth.”

Sunday afternoon, the Inouk cross the iron with the Cobras, the team no. 1 of the LHJAAAQ. In Terrebonne over the market. Clearly, this will not be a piece of cake.

“As usual, we are going there to win. We will work hard and we will give our maximum. We will see to the rest,” concludes Bosch.

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