Fun fact: A teenager and possibly be electrocuted in his bath with his phone !

Fait divers: Une ado s’électrocute dans son bain avec son téléphone !

A teenage girl has just died in tragic circumstances. She is electrocuted because of her mobile phone while she was taking a bath.

A teenage girl was killed while she was taking her bath. In fact, she was using her laptop and was electrocuted. She lived in Ouvreau in the Ile-de-France in the Pas-de-Calais. MCE tells you more.

A teenager died because of his laptop

In fact, the drama took place in Ouvreau in Pas-de-Calais. The young 17 year old girl taking a bath in it with his laptop. A lot of people remain obsessed with their phone, taking away even in places rather useless. And unfortunately you can see with this drama is that the use of mobile phones was not that good, on the contrary.
The young high school student taking his bath, his portal in his hand. Apparently the laptop he would have slipped out of her hands and she would therefore have been electrocuted. This caused an electrical discharge. The victim’s mother has found him and immediately called the emergency services. But unfortunately, despite the intervention of firefighters, the girl was in arrest cardio-repsiratoire and was not to be resuscitated.

A cable in a poor state at the origin of the accident

In fact, according to the information of the Voice of The North, the teenager had charged her phone while she was in her bath. So she decided to plug it in to an extension cord, it-even connected to a cable slightly frayed. But here’s the cable out of the laptop in question could be what has caused the drama and shock of the young girl.

More investigation will need to determine ls exact causes of death. The autopsy of the young girl should also be conducted to help learn more about the drama. But still according to the first elements revealed by the daily, the social landlord has control of the electrical installation last June. The latter had not revealed any anomaly concerning electricity.

This drama needs to show that the use of the laptop, especially in places where they are not needed, should be done with great caution. A study argued that children preferred today screens for sweets and this shows in what generation we live in. Be careful where you use your laptop !


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