February 6, 2023

Gabriel Barros denies his father’s “guilt”, explains the complicated situation and says: “I received the opinion polls, but I will analyze them only if the negotiations with Botafogo end.”

Gabriel Barros He announced his negotiation with Botafogo. The deal, which was previously taken for granted, has stalled. According to the press, the attacker’s father Ituano He was going to make several additional requests, which the player refused.

In an explanatory note posted on his Instagram profile, Monday night, Gabriel Barros clarified the situation, said he had conducted opinion polls and ensured he would only analyze other proposals “if negotiations with Botafogo really come to an end.”

Read below:

“Today I was surprised by many newspaper articles about the negotiations between my two teams, Ituano FC, and SAF Botafogo. Such news mentions that the negotiations were stopped due to my father’s behavior, and this does not correspond to the truth.

First, I affirm that my father ended up appearing in these negotiations because of the inertia of the mediators in seeking balanced negotiations, since everything that was put forward in my proposal had my approval and was not even formulated by my father, but by the lawyers. hired to help us.

Hiring lawyers was even necessary for us to understand the implications of certain contractual clauses and to better understand the evolution of the negotiations. Contrary to what was reported, the negotiations stalled due to the fact that we discovered that the brokers who should guarantee the best possible contract for me focused on seeking the maximum wage for the 20% (twenty percent) they had with Ituano FC (which, according to our lawyers , prohibited by CBF and FIFA regulations since 2015), as well as seeking an additional 10% (ten percent) stake in SAF Botafogo.

I have a lot of respect for the club that I am currently defending and I am still very happy and honored with the club’s interest in the history of Botafogo, and it should be noted that during this period of negotiations I already received opinion polls from clubs abroad and in Brazil, but I decided to analyze these proposals only if necessary, Negotiations with the Sudanese Armed Forces Botafogo have already ended.

I continue to train at full strength and with the confidence that I am ready for the upcoming challenges that my career will bring me.”