January 29, 2023

Gabriel creates a new persona and unfortunately it can work

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After saying he had a crush on Felipe Pryor, who BBB 21Jibril, Participant 23 BBBdraw attention to Compare yourself to Arthur Aguiarthe hero of the latest edition of the reality TV show on TV Globo.

Columnist Lucas Pasin believes the model is looking for a new game strategy after the controversy surrounding Tadeu Schmidt’s letter about his relationship with Bruna Griphao.

Gabriel’s track was changed after it was cancelled. He wants to be Arthur Aguiar. This calm tone of speech is a new character and will not be tolerated. The worst thing is that she has a chance to work.

For writer Alen Ramos, Gabriel is far from similar to the winner of BBB 22.

Each participant has a different story. Arthur Aguiar is nothing like Gabriel. Inside the BBB did nothing similar to what Gabriel did. His mistake was boring.

BBB 23: Peacefully between the sisters, is Bruna and Key’s rivalry over?

Bruna Grippo And Elvis key Make peace after Talk about the differences they’ve had BBB 23. In Central Splash We debated whether peace would prevail between the sisters or whether their rivalry could have new chapters.

For columnist Lucas Pasin, Bruna really tried to be Key’s boyfriend, unlike volleyball.

I think Bruna never wanted to get into a conflict with Ki, but the athlete wanted it from the first moment and he still insists. She is not willing to stop feuding with the actress.

On the other hand, writer Aline Ramos believes that Key Alves did a good job by talking the actress to clean up her image, since she is on the first wall next to her partner Gustavo.

As for Bruna, the columnist says she needs to “reset the game.”

Bruna needs to reset her game, as if she has to enter the house again and forge new alliances. It feels like it’s in a different time than the rest of the house.

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