September 24, 2022
Gabriel Satter records the final scene in 'Pantanal' and gets emotional: 'It's over with me' |  wet land

Gabriel Satter records the final scene in ‘Pantanal’ and gets emotional: ‘It’s over with me’ | wet land

Wednesday was emotional behind the scenes in wet land. in the late afternoon, Gabriel Satter Record his last view as Trinity In the plot of the ninth hour, and the actor ended up crying once he finished taking the character with him ladies (Giuliano Cazzari) And the zaquieu (Silvero Pereira). In an exclusive chat with Gshow, moments after he left the studio, Gabriel admitted that he hoped the pawn ending would be different.

“What a whirlwind of emotions this past month,” Gabriel told Gshow. “It’s the last phase, and there was no change to the script.” “I didn’t finally know the mind of Trindade, I had hope, because I’ve been so attached to the character since I’ve been building this new life since November 2020”

Hours ago, he filmed an emotional sequence with Camila Morgado. Then, with two colleagues on the farm in Jose Leoncio (Marcos Palmera).

“It was such a beautiful scene with Camila, touching, challenging and so important, I came with a heavy heart to the other studio. When we shot the last movie, she asked me to do one more thing… until the director said, “Gabriel’s day is over.” It’s over with me. I’ll never wear that cape again, outfit, it’s crazy that I don’t live these feelings anymore”

On this Wednesday, Trindade says goodbye to Irma as she sleeps; reconsidering

Gabriel also says that the whole process was very constructive, and that many sleepless nights due to worrying about scenes were worth it. Attention has always been “come in full”.

“I thought I wanted the hard devil mode, it was good to see the excitement. The eye goes deep without sleep, but it’s all worth it. Thanks everyone, it was a dream in my life.”

And in conclusion, there was a message from Kramulhau.

“Whoever loves Xereuzinho, should go to my show,” the actor concluded with the voice of Entity.

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