July 18, 2024

Gain up to 13 years of age with dietary changes

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Gain up to 13 years of age with dietary changes
Gain up to 13 years of age with dietary changes

“You are what you eat,” many anonymous celebrities and celebrities have said. The truth is that food is directly related to the quality of life and well-being of the individual. Research from the University of Bergen in Norway found that daily dietary changes can make a person live up to 13 years longer.

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Scientists have found that switching from meals rich in red meat, sugars and processed products to grains and vegetables will be good for your health. The result surprised many people, as it suggested that small changes can extend people’s lives. The additional age also depends on the age at which the change was applied.

Changing the diet can add up to 13 years to life

For example, any American who is still young can take advantage of another 13 years to enjoy sunsets their whole life. A woman in her 30s gains up to an additional 10.7 years. People in their forties have 11.7 years of life expectancy, plus a change in diet. Meanwhile, seniors are making almost 3 and a half years more than they will live.

It is worth noting that it is not only the longevity that is prolonged, but the quality of life is also significantly improved. In other words, it’s not just about living longer, but living longer and a lot better than it is today. 13 years is roughly 4,745 extra days to do what you want. Even if a person has advanced in age, with a change of diet, there will be approximately 1,300 days to enjoy life.

The change doesn’t have to be drastic for it to work.

However, according to research data, a person does not even need to make a drastic change. Simply reduce the amount of other “bad” foods and increase the consumption of grains, fiber, vegetables, leaves, etc. The consumption of saturated fats, sugar and processed foods is what should be reduced quickly.

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