December 2, 2022
Galaxy M13 bets on good battery life and competent cameras |  Analysis / review

Galaxy M13 bets on good battery life and competent cameras | Analysis / review

a Galaxy M13 It is another basic cell phone option from Samsung among the many brands options to choose from. What’s good about it? would be a better buy than Galaxy A13? There is a lot in common between them and this can lead to this suspicion.

What changes between the two is the design. While the Galaxy A13 has a smooth back, the M13 has a texture that makes it less slippery. The design of the cameras is also different, while the front is identical. We have a 6.6-inch LCD screen with a resolution of Full HD + and a rate of 60 Hz. The panel provides a good brightness level, but the sound could be better. There is only one audio output that distorts the sound easily.

The device is the same Exynos 850 seen in other entry-level Samsung phones. On the Galaxy M13 we have 4 GB of RAM, and it is possible to keep an additional 4 GB of storage with RAM Plus, but this is still not enough to ensure that all applications remain open in the background. The battery lasts well, and it only takes more than two hours to recharge.

Galaxy M13’s photographic array is the same as A13, only lost the macro camera. This is another device from Samsung with a 50MP sensor that shoots good pictures, but it doesn’t extract the full potential of the sensor due to the limitations of the Exynos 850. Night mode owes its credit to taking better photos at night.

Is it worth buying the Galaxy M13? Only if it is cheaper than the A13. Both are very similar and priced similarly, as you can check out in our full review below:

Galaxy M13 arrived in the national market in July 2022 by 1799 BRL. Below you will find his best offers: