Galaxy S10: samsung unveils the screen Infinity-O new smartphones

Galaxy S10: samsung dévoile l’écran Infinity-O des nouveaux smartphones

Samsung is currently preparing its new range of smartphones. For the occasion, many changes are to be expected, particularly at the level of the screen.

Samsung is currently developing a new high-end smartphones for the beginning of 2019. Also, three smartphones will make an appearance, with a major change in the design. Here is what we know of the Galaxy S10.

Significant changes over the next few S10

Like every year, Samsung is preparing to unveil the official information regarding their new lineup of phone. Next on the list: the Galaxy S10 ! And he also will have the right for a major change…
One of the first information about this new generation of phone. It will include not two, but three phones. This information was confirmed by David Ruddock, editor of Android Police.

For the moment, we do not yet know exactly what will differentiate these three smartphones. There will be a classical model, and a model ” more “. Concerning the third model, a possible version 5G has been mentioned, reserved to a few areas. Very likely, because there are many rumors about it.

A screen Infinity-O, with a notch on the side

After a long resistance to the call of notch, which is already on most smartphones, Samsung to cracked. In effect, they have finally decided to take the plunge. Also, the Korean manufacturer has not yet managed to include some sensors in the bottom of the slab. But in order to stand out from the other phones sold by the competition, Samsung would have to shift its notch in a corner of the device. However, this novelty should not apply to all the smartphones in the range. Only Galaxy 10 and S10 more will benefit.

Smartphones should also have new screens ” Infinity Display “, which should cover most of the front. Also, there should be borders around the screen.
All information on the upcoming smartphones will be unveiled between February and march 2019.


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