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Galaxy S21 FE: Samsung confirms the arrival of a “cheaper” cell phone on 11 – 04/01/2022

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Galaxy S21 FE: Samsung confirms the arrival of a "cheaper" cell phone on 11 - 04/01/2022
Galaxy S21 FE: Samsung confirms the arrival of a "cheaper" cell phone on 11 - 04/01/2022

after a long wait (And many rumors), Samsung fans will finally get to know the Galaxy S21 FE, a more expensive version of Samsung’s more advanced phone line. Samsung. It will be released globally on January 11th. There is no official date yet for the model’s arrival in Brazil.

The announcement was officially made by the company on Monday (3), and to confirm the rumors, it was very close to the opening of CES (Consumer Electronics Show), one of the world’s largest artworks, which was held in Las Vegas, United States, which will be on Wednesday (5).

Just like you did in galaxy S20 FE2022 FE Edition features an advanced processor and powerful cameras. It even supports 5G connectivity.

your coming It was expected by the company’s fans all year long (and many were frustrated by the delay). To give you an idea, your previous generation fHello Released in October 2020.

Colors and appearance

Consider promotional images and fonts s 21 e s 21 FE are similar. However, the 2022 model will be sold in four colors: green, purple, white or black.

The Galaxy S21 FE is 7.9mm thick and weighs 177g, making it thin and light.

processor and memory

The processor is the same approved in the S21 series, according to Samsung. Therefore, the performance promises to be as good as the more expensive models.

The launch price has not yet been released, but the company traditionally releases FE models at cheaper prices.

Sold on options:

  • 8 GB RAM with 256 GB internal storage
  • 8GB RAM with 128GB Internal Storage
  • 6 GB of RAM with 128 GB of internal storage


The screen is 6.4 inches with technology Waleed’s mother and 120Hz refresh rate (which makes moving animations smoother (the higher the number, the better).

The size is slightly larger than the version Galaxy S21It measures 6.2 inches with Oled technology.


Technically, the battery has 4500 Ampere500 more than Galaxy S21. The company says that it is possible to recharge the battery up to 50% in 30 minutes.

She adds that the S21 FE promises to last all day, with 25W fast recharging – charger sold separately.


Samsung has kept a triple camera setup among its S21 mobile phones. What changes is the technical side.

The main lens is 12 MP, the wide angle is 12 MP (which expands the field of view) and the telephoto is 8 MP. Magnification range up to 30 times.

The selfie camera comes with a 32MP resolution.

is the price?

Rumors indicate that the value of the new FE It could be around 700 USD Since the ancestor, the galaxy S20 FEReleased in the United States with a retail price of $699 per model. 5G network.

In Brazil, it arrived in stores for 4,499 R$. Galaxy line s 21 It premiered in Brazil in early February last year with three models: s 21And s 21+ e s 21 Ultra. Prices started at R$5,999, R$6,999, and R$9,499, respectively.

*The journalist traveled at the invitation of Samsung

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