July 24, 2024

Galaxy S21 FE: The king of the most affordable phone in 2022? | double analysis

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Galaxy S21 FE: The king of the most affordable phone in 2022?  |  double analysis
Galaxy S21 FE: The king of the most affordable phone in 2022?  |  double analysis

a Galaxy S20 FE He is the darling of Brazilians and a good part of the TudoCelular team. With this, the expectation arose to see a better successor, while maintaining the same good cost-benefit ratio. Did Samsung get it right again?

The design of the new affordable top is in line with the rest of the S21 family, but the camera bezel is made of plastic, which is the same part that makes up the back of the device. Anyway, the finish is of good quality and we now have the same generation of Gorilla Glass protecting the screen.

The S21 FE has a smaller screen, but with the same resolution as before. The panel has improved in brightness and color reproduction, in addition to now supporting HDR10+. The 120Hz rate isn’t as variable as other high-end Samsung devices, so you have to choose between better fluidity or a longer battery life. The stereo sound is powerful and provides good acoustic balance.

We tested both versions of the Galaxy S21 FE and found the performance difference to be minimal. The Snapdragon model was a few seconds faster in multitasking and scored 10% higher in benchmarks.

The battery lasts the same on both models and the difference in recharging time is no more than 2 minutes. By the way, the S21 FE does not come with a charger in the box like its predecessor, as well as a headphone jack.

The photographic array is the same as the S20 FE, but Samsung adopts different sensors depending on the chipset. The Snapdragon version comes with a Sony sensor that records clearer images with less saturation. The model with Exynos has its own Samsung sensor and it hits even more in sharpness and contrast. what is the best? It will depend on your personal taste.

The Galaxy S21 FE, regardless of platform, offers a good range at a fair launch price. As the value will decline in the coming months, it has everything to be the king of value for money in 2022. To check all the details, simply follow the full analysis through the link below.

Galaxy S21 FE launched in January 2022 by 4499 BRL. Below you can see the best deals to get you paid less:

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